Episode: v16318 Teaching Polette
Release date: 2011.11.25
Starring: Polette, Blue Angel
[TeachMeFisting] v16318 Teaching Polette

Blue Angel invited sweet Polette over to her place to teach her friend some this and that about real pussy workout. Polette was hesitant so far, but today she gives it a try. Angel doesn't waste her time to pull the other girl into the depth of the fisting business. Angel warms Polette up with a bat into the pussy, then comes the all-knowing hand.

Episode: GapeLand v92063 Anal Training of Iva Zan
Release date: 2011.12.01
Starring: Iva Zan
[GapeLand] v92063 Anal Training of Iva Zan

All-lips Iva Zan is a lusty young vixen. She is always ready for some kinkiness, her attire and the sweet little heart shaped fur above her pussy tells stories about it. If there is no men or women to play with, she usually uses her big dildo, but luckily for her, today there is Markus to help to turn the girl's tight ass into a gaping hole.

Episode: v16317 Teaching Geyshila Kort
Release date: 2011.11.18
Starring: Nikky Thorne, Geyshila Kort
[TeachMeFisting] v16317 Teaching Geyshila Kort

Geyshila Kort looks cute in her underwear, especially the goofy-looking giraffe is sweet. But when the fisting teacher, Nikki Thorne arrives in the room, there is no place for any attire anymore. Or disciplined little student, Geyshile strips naked, and spreads her legs, offering her warm, wet pussy to her mentor. It is time for school!

Episode: GapeLand v92062 Anal Training of Malaya
Release date: 2011.11.10
Starring: Malaya
[GapeLand] v92062 Anal Training of Malaya

Malaya was very excited when she heard that we chose her to be the girl in the new update of the Gapeland site. She got into the mood fast, and since Omar was a little late, the lovely teen started to warm up with a big dildo. She heard that Omar has a big cock, so she wanted her asshole ready... but when Omar arrived, Malaya still got some massive anal training.

Episode: v16316 Teaching Tiffany Doll
Release date: 2011.11.11
Starring: Nikky Thorne, Tiffany Doll
[TeachMeFisting] v16316 Teaching Tiffany Doll

It is not the first time Tiffany signed up for a teaching session, so we cannot call her a student, but the very fact that she is here clearly proves that she still wants to learn from the professor of fisting, Nikki Thorne. Or, maybe she simply got addicted to being fucked by a mega sized dildo and a slender hand, because it makes her cum so hard like nothing before.