[Roxy Raye] Roxy Underwater

Roxy Raye Roxy Underwater
Added 07/26/2012
[Roxy Raye] Roxy Underwater
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I got a fun new case recently that is able to hold one of my cameras underwater. I don't think I've ever experienced stretching my holes under the water before, this was really awesome feeling. It felt so amazing with the cold water flushing in and out as toys were penetrating my holes. I was able to put some huge butt plugs and balls in my ass and swim around the pool with them in. With the new case securing my camera so tight, I think it might have cut out the audio a bit but I still love this thing. I can't wait to experiment more with some of my new toys underwater. What do you think about some g/g action underwater next time? Let me know below :-)





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