Angie Noir Bedtime Pussy Stretching
[AngieNoir] Bedtime Pussy Stretching
Featuring: Angie Noir, Alysha Morgan
By now, you've seen a couple videos that Alysha and I did together. But, things are about to get really big in here! Big toys, that is. Alysha shows me how big her pussy can get with some of the largest dildos I've ever seen!...

Angie Noir Bathtime Dildos
[AngieNoir] Bathtime Dildos
Featuring: Angie Noir, Alysha Morgan
The conclusion of the video I did with Alysha... this time we moved to the bathroom and used the big hot tub to finish each other off!...

Angie Noir Roxy Stretches My Holes in Her Swing
Added 04/04/2013
[AngieNoir] Roxy Stretches My Holes in Her Swin
Featuring: Angie Noir, Roxy Raye
MILF Next Door... Angie Noir... gets strapped into a sex swing by a young neighbor girl that she hires for being a sitter. Roxy becomes very angry at Angie over her sitter pay and decides to teach this MILF a lesson... by turning Angie into her Pussy...

AngieNoir BTS: Huge Dildo Fucking
Added 05/21/2013
[AngieNoir] BTS: Huge Dildo Fucking
Featuring: Angie Noir
STORYLINE: HUGE TOYS and Spreading my slutty, wet pussy hole for my fans! But I warn you! I am having crazy fun on this shoot so you will catch me being VERY relaxed, silly and natural!
Hi guys! A big fan of mine paid me to do a custom photo set...

AngieNoir Video Crews Yummy Cum Shower
Added 05/16/2013
[AngieNoir] Video Crews Yummy Cum Shower
Featuring: Angie Noir
My Video and Photo Crew Give Me their HOT JIZZ!! Big, Beautiful, Puffy Lips... Angie Noir... was shooting all day long with big toys in her pussy, deep throating dildos and she is horny and needs to suck REAL cock! The YOUNG GEEKY crew was hard the whole...

AngieNoir You Anally Bond With Mom
Added 05/09/2013
[AngieNoir] You Anally Bond With Mom
Featuring: Angie Noir
We will go dancing together at that swingers club I told you about and I am going with my horsetail buttplug up my ass for the whole night of dancing and fun! How does my red horsetail look? WATCH MOM put this BIG RED BUTTPLUG up my ass! Do you like...

AngieNoir Mom Prepares & Stretches Her Butthole
Added 05/02/2013
[AngieNoir] Mom Prepares & Stretches Her Butthole
Featuring: Angie Noir
Son, We need to talk! I LOVE sucking your cock and fucking YOU with my pussy BUTT I want to be even closer to YOU! I want YOU to use my TIGHT, DARK ANAL MOM hole for HOT SEX... I want YOU to feel my ASS MUSCLES grab your cock and milk all of your hot...

AngieNoir My Son Is Proposing
Added 04/25/2013
[AngieNoir] My Son Is Proposing
Featuring: Angie Noir
Mom Enters Lukes room to say good morning and he explains to her that he has some good and bad news for her. Good news is that he is getting married but the bad news is that he wants to be faithful to Cory so he can no longer be close to his Mom....

AngieNoir 1st Time Taboo Enema & Anal Fucking
Added 04/18/2013
[AngieNoir] 1st Time Taboo Enema & Anal Fucking
Featuring: Angie Noir
PART 1 Angie is a great ANAL slut! This VERY HOT Taboo ENEMA that leads to RAW ANAL SEX in Part 2! You will love it!! Angie NEEDS her Sons help with a BIG problem! Angie is very excited about her date tonight but she is also very concerned.

Roxy Raye Want Ice Cream? Please Me First!
Added 11/15/2012
[Roxy Raye] Want Ice Cream? Please Me First!
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Angie Noir
My girlfriend Angie came over for a little sleep over action. We ended up getting into a fight earlier that day because I found out she lied to me about some pretty serious stuff. She told me she was hungry so we headed to the kitchen to check out what was in the refrigerator. She was craving ice cream, so I pulled out a couple bars of chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Since she betrayed me earlier that day, I knew that if she wanted ice cream that bad, she needed to work for it. I took one of the sandwiches out and threw it on the ground and told her to stick her head down there and clean it up. It's been awhile since I had my feet pleased so I stuck my feet all in the ice cream sandwich that was on my dirty kitchen floor and made her lick it off my toes. I still wasn't satisfied with her licking so I grabbed a dildo, stuck some ice cream on the tip and made her lick it clean as well. Since I had chocolate all over my feet, I rubbed my dirty feet all over the suction cup dildo and had her do the same with hers. I wanted her to not only taste my feet but her own. She didn't clean my feet to a tee so I ended up shoving my dirty foot in her pussy and fucking the shit out of her to clean it off good. I had her do the same to me but she wasn't fucking me hard enough so I took her foot and used it in my own pussy. I used her foot to fuck my pussy hard, fast and deep until I exploded a good squirt all over her feet. We ended up sharing the squirt juice that covered her foot and called it a night. I think after all that, she deserved an untouched ice cream sandwich. I hope my foot fetish members enjoy this one ;-)

Roxy Raye Double Fisting Fun
Added 10/18/2012
[Roxy Raye] Double Fisting Fun
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Angie Noir
I had my friend Angie over for a second time recently for some more naughty fun time. I don't think I've ever accomplished two fists in me at once, one in my pussy and one in my ass. I have been dying to try it so I thought Angie would be great to try it with. She loosened me up with her fist in my pussy and then in my ass. We grabbed a few giant toys to give me some gaping action before I took on both of her hands. She slid her hands slowing inside both holes making me squirm with orgasmic joy. So now that I'm in love with taking a double fist in me I think we should move on to double anal fisting next time! Hope you enjoy!

Roxy Raye Fistfucking With Angie
Added 10/04/2012
[Roxy Raye] Fistfucking With Angie
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Angie Noir
I met up with my new Hungarian friend, Angie Noir recently. We had a blast hanging together! I couldn't keep my hands off of her sexy pussy and tasty tongue. I think we could have kissed each other all night and we would have been satisfied but I thought it would be fun to experiment with her a bit. She had never fisted a girl in the ass before but she was so eager to get her hand in for the first time. I had my fair share of fist fucking her pussy until she came in my mouth. I made sure to return the favor and squirt all over her when we used the double ended dildo together. She wanted a better taste of my sweet pussy juice so I made sure to save some for her and squirt right into her mouth. She made sure to lick it up all clean. I will definitely be seeing Angie again soon!