Episode 41: Fist of fury
[Clara-G] Episode 41: Fist of fury
Added: 25-08-2008
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Angela Winter , Cecilia Vega
Two hoes go toe to toe for the nasty bitch championship of the world, that's how I would describe this scene guys. Angela Winter is our current champion but that crazy French bitch Cecilia Vega wants a shot at the title. The atmosphere on the set is electric as these two world class fuckbunnies fist each other, with great success, in every available orifice; the only rules are no judo and no unicorns, everything else goes. Anal fisting, hair pulling is ok. We've got no problem with spitting, slapping or anal foot fucking either.

Episode 41: French food
[Clara-G] Episode 41: French food
Added: 11-08-2008
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Cecilia Vega , Mugur , Nick Lang
Hi guys, I call Cecilia Vega my bonjour bitch because she comes from France. I really like Cecilia, she has such an unbelievable horny sexuality and that smokin hot body. So, believe me when I tell you, this French fucktart loves dick so much her pussy could be a cock parking lot. In this scene Mugur and Nick Lang manage to fuck this hot turbo bitch into slut sauce for me. This scene has deepthroat, anal dp, slapping and lots of orgasms from Cecilia. Viva la France.

Episode 28: Prison Break
Date added: November 15, 2009
Featuring: Cecilia Vega
[AssTitans] Episode 28: Prison Break
ACTION: DP group fuck
Cecilia's been keeping a couple of very bad motherfuckers caged in a shed out back of her Budapest mansion. On a rainy day she gets herself so horny with Clara that she gets the urge to go tease them with her juicy French ass. When they escape and haul her across the lawn to the garage you find out just how hard a couple of guys can fuck a slut when they've been cooped up. This is DP delirium. Count how many times Cecilia comes. Watch her bounce like a hoe on a trampoline.

Episode 12: Tag Team Cage Match
Date added: June 8, 2009
Featuring: Bobby Star, Cecilia Vega
[AssTitans] Episode 12: Tag Team Cage Match
ACTION: 2 Chicks 2 Dick , Analriffic
You get the sense these girls would have been happy just to have each other's asses to lick by the amount of fun they're having inside, but Raul pulls them out to the driveway where 2 chiefs are ready to light ceremonial fires in their asses. Cecilia gets her ass tongue fucked, then fists herself and Bobby shows us how to lick ass and take two cocks all at the same time. Two hotter, louder, nastier girls were never found. Four people fucking cures whatever ails you.

Episode: v16135 Teaching Cecilia Vega
Name: Cecilia Vega , Trisha
[TeachMeFisting] v16135 Teaching Cecilia Vega
Woohoo, now look how we spend our summer! First it's Metallica concert, getting all started - then we meet this horny French pornstar Cecilia Vega! Man, isn't she HOT? She came here for some sex shootings. But once she's been here she said she must visit the fisting teachers too, so she came to our class and learned about pussy stretching a bit. So who and how fisted her pussy to the maximum? Well, take a look and you'll see...!