Episode: AssholeFever v8552 A different pedagogy
Release date: 2014.10.12
[AssholeFever] v8552 A different pedagogy
Starring: Cindy Hope, Nikky Thorne
Principle Renato and the stunningly sexy and dominant Ms. Hope don't believe in regular, old-fashioned pedagogy. They both think that lectures has to be intense, close and very personal, let it be penalty or a reward. Nikky learns this method first hand, and her pussy squirts in pleasure as her teachers use her tight body and even tighter asshole.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16345 Teaching Nelly Sullivan
Release date: 2012.05.26
[TeachMeFisting] v16345 Teaching Nelly Sullivan
Starring: Nelly Sullivan, Cindy Hope
She's just eighteen and recently lost her virginity, so it was high time to get a gyno checkup that's what Nelly Sullivan thought, but once inside the gynecological examination room, things went wild... So dear doctors, get your rubber gloves ready, here's the next patient to play with!

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16341 Teaching Ashley
Release date: 2012.04.27
[TeachMeFisting] v16341 Teaching Ashley
Starring: Ashley, Cindy Hope
Follow us to take a sneak peek and let's find out what goes on in the girls's room! Join two sexy girlfriends as they explore the flexibility and limits of Ashley's pussy and spend a memorable afternoon with these beautiful hotties. Are you ready? Ashley can hardly wait to get her sweet teen cunt stretched!

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16338 Brandy Smile
Release date: 2012.04.06
[TeachMeFisting] v16338 Brandy Smile
Starring: Brandy Smile, Cindy Hope
Brandy Smile is not new in the business, still, she returns from time to time to partake in a fisting session. Probably she wants to have a mind-blowing orgasm occasionally. Now the occasion is given, and her fisting mentor will be no less, than the well-equipped beauty, Cindy Hope.

Episode: v16325 Teaching Larissa Dee
Release date: 2012.01.13
Starring: Cindy Hope, Larissa Dee
[TeachMeFisting] v16325  Teaching Larissa Dee

It is time for Larissa Dee to enjoy some treatment which requires good stamina and a flexible pussy. Her mentor will be nobody else but the beautiful Cindy Hope, and today she really commits herself to give a treat to the brunette vixen. If that requires a massively lubed up hand or a baseball bat, so be it everything for the fisting pleasure.

Episode: v16302 Teaching Blue Angel
Release date: 2011.08.19
Starring: Blue Angel, Cindy Hope
[TeachMeFisting] v16302 Teaching Blue Angel

Blue Angel is a professional. She tried so many things and she always ready to learn new things. So she showed up at Cindy's place to ask her to teach her fisting. Miss Hope won't say no to a request like this, and soon her slender hand disappears in Angel's flooding, hot cunt. Just watch her smile as she listens to her partner's happy moans.

Episode 62: Gimme Hope
[Clara-G] Episode 62: Gimme Hope
Added: 16-03-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Cindy Hope
With that fabulous body Cindy Hope looks exactly like one of those Greek goddess statue bitches or something who fucked the shit out of Zeus and chased the money changers from the temple of Athens... it's a well known story. Anyway, today she is not here to seduce Zeus, instead as an exclusive for Clara-g.com, Cindy will do her first anal scene on camera (what she does at home is her own business). And quite honestly guys I don't know whether to celebrate or masturbate...this girl is so sexy.

Episode 40: Three the hard way
[Clara-G] Episode 40: Three the hard way
Added: 04-08-2008
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Cindy Hope , Lauryn May , Zafira
A giant dildo fight turns into an anal fist fucking competition with no limits. These three Hungarian super freaks are so hot and so dick dizzy it made me wonder... will they ever find their one true love. Or will they just have to move to some far away deserted island with a few giant rubber toys and live happily ever after. Lots of anal gapping, fisting and spanking in this one guys.

Episode 08: Fisting fun with Cindy Hope
[Clara-G] Episode 08: Fisting fun with Cindy Hope
Added: 18-02-2008
Directed by Raul Cristian
Featuring: Clara G , Cindy Hope
Well guys I used too think that I was one of the sexiest, nastiest, craziest fistfucking addicts in the universe...and I am. But I have too tell you this girl Cindy Hope is not hopeless she is for real. This bitch (and I mean that in a good way) is no fucking joke. She fucks me I fuck her we fuck each other. This is a ass smacking, face slapping, cunt fisting, girls pissing, Clara G fan special not too be missed!

Episode: v16227 Sarah gets a fistful
Release date: 30.04.2010
Starring: Cindy Hope, Sarah Simon
[TeachMeFisting] v16227 Sarah gets a fistful
Sarah is a new fister. So when she met Cindy they got together at her new hot tub and got wet and wild. Watch as a lot more than fisting goes on, the water is warm and it goes everywhere including a super soaker - which is not a dildo or a dick, but a real giant squirt gun straight inside Sarah's pussy. And after that she loved the fisting!

Episode: v16232 Practice makes perfect
Release date: 23.04.2010
Starring: Cindy Hope , Amabella
[TeachMeFisting] v16232 Practice makes perfect
Amabella has used massively thick dildos before but now she feels ready to graduate to full on fisting. So Cindy steps in to take her to the next level. Watch the thrusting and digging of the fist into Amabella's wet and receptive cunt, and see the waves of pleasure all over her body as she gets her first full fisting ever.

Episode: v16231 Lisa and Cindy raise a fist
Release date: 16.04.2010
Starring: Lisa Sparkle, Cindy Hope
[TeachMeFisting] v16231 Lisa and Cindy raise a fist
Lisa has a hot new student who has amazing tits and a pussy that is aching for some opening experiences. Watch as Lisa and Cindy get into the fisting thing and start to get more and more comfortable with the idea of having a fist going inside Cindy's pussy. She won't go back to only a dick ever again!

Episode: v16230 Teaching Carmen Rose
Release date: 09.04.2010
Starring: Carmen Rose, Cindy Hope
[TeachMeFisting] v16230 Teaching Carmen Rose
Cindy Hope volunteered to teach Carmen Rose some hot fisting. Carmen prepared her wet pussy by shoving a baseball bat up. Then Cindy arrived and started inserting her fist into Carmen's cunt. Watch Carmen as she screams and moans and groans as she enjoys having that fist massage her pussy.

Episode: v16228 Teaching Debbie White
Release date: 02.04.2010
Starring: Debbie White, Cindy Hope
[TeachMeFisting] v16228 Teaching Debbie White
These babes Cindy Hope and Debbie White are fisting machines alive. The two whores are just too wild and tender caressing will never do for them. What they want is rough and big satisfaction in the form of another bitch's fist pumping their vaginas. Watch these two girls as they scream and groan and moan with pleasure as their wet and juicy pussies get fisted. The babes also like huge dildos. No matter what, just the bigger the better. Click here and watch them fist fuck the hell out of each other!

Episode: v16229 Hit a home run
Release date: 26.03.2010
Starring: Cindy Hope , Liz
[TeachMeFisting]  v16229 Hit a home run
When Liz asked her friend Cindy to teach her a little about fisting, she had no idea that her cunt would be stretched to its limits so much! After having Cindy massage Liz's cunt and put her small fist inside, she pulled out a BIG surprise.Who ever though to hit the G spot with something so big like a baseball bat? Watch as Cindy hits the ball over the fence with the bat and make Liz scream with pleasure!

Episode: v16064 Teaching Hope
Name: Cindy Hope, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16064 Teaching Hope
HopeHope is a teenie bitch! Her greatest sexual experience was when two guys fucked her in the school toilet, so its time to learn how to fist herself and learn the pleasure and pain of fisting.