Episode: AssPhilosophy Toys and Anal for Kyra Black
[AssPhilosophy] Toys and Anal for Kyra Black
Added 08/02/2014
Starring: Kyra Black
Franco this take take a lot of time for play with the ass of this pretty brunette using different toys. Apparently she likes very much the toys, but of course she prefer the meat instead then the plastic...

AllInternal Kyra Black Anal Creampie
[AllInternal] Kyra Black Anal Creampie
Starring: Kyra Black
A lucky guy gets to dump a bunch of cum in Kyras tight ass. It all oozes out of her freshy fucked asshole.

Episode: AssholeFever v8146 Virgin ass
Release date: 2007.06.27
[AssholeFever] v8146 Virgin ass
Starring: Kyra Black
Kyra Black was a pussy-only babe - until we persuaded her to try out anal! How did this happen? Well, we asked her to insert one tiny finger into the pooper... then another... next thing she realized was that a real dick is trying to penetrate her tight virgin asshole!

Episode: DpFanatics v6135 Into all holes
Release date: 2008.03.06
[DpFanatics] v6135 Into all holes
Starring: Kyra Black.
Billiard is the game where you aim with your cue and get those balls into the right holes. Speaking of which, Kyra too has her alternative of how to play this game. But in her view, her holes must be filled!

Episode: DpFanatics v6105 Kyra's decision
Release date: 2007.08.23
[DpFanatics] v6105 Kyra's decision
Starring: Kyra Black.
Kyra Black, this exotic girl make a bold statement: 'I'm open for everything, anal, swallowing, even double penetration as well!', the young girl announced. We were the first to get her a meat-sandwich, in which she was the 'meat'... if you know what...