Episode: ButtPlays v600082 Lust, Ribbons and Anal Sex
Release date: 2014.11.12
[ButtPlays] v600082 Lust, Ribbons and Anal Sex
Starring: Lana Roberts
If you'd ask about Lana Roberts, there would be three things jumping into mind. Her lusty attitude, the cute ribbon tattoos on her thighs and her amazing anal skills. You'll get a demonstration from all three in the next half and hour... we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

Episode: ButtPlays v600075 Slender Anal Beast
Release date: 2014.07.23
[ButtPlays] v600075 Slender Anal Beast
Starring: Anna Taylor
Anna is a slender girl, tall and skinny. One would wonder how a big cock fits into such a thin girl. But Anna doesn't stop to surprise. She doesn't just simply fucks. She loves to be fucked in the ass so hard that she can even feel the shaft though her pussy too. Well, Anna... you are up for a real treat today!

Episode: ButtPlays v600072 Rita's Anal Treatment
Release date: 2014.06.04
[ButtPlays] v600072 Rita's Anal Treatment
Starring: Rita Rush
A leather skirt, a sexy ass and a horny girl. Rita Rush is a hot vixen craving to be fucked as she readies her lovely asshole with a huge dildo, stretching her otherwise very tight butthole. Who could say no to that invitation? We cannot, so we made sure that Rita's pussy, mouth and most importantly her ass getting the well-deserved treatment.

Episode: ButtPlays v600070 Spark in the Dark
Release date: 2014.05.14
[ButtPlays] v600070 Spark in the Dark
Starring: Anita Sparkle
When we thought there are no real anal talents out there, Anita came like a spark in the dark, offering her beautiful, fuckable ass to save the day. And what a save that was. The dark haired vixen practically sucked off Arty's cock with her tight asshole, and damn she loved it all along.

Episode: ButtPlays v600069 Final Destination
Release date: 2014.05.08
[ButtPlays] v600069 Final Destination
Starring: Stacy Snake
Shagging Stacy is something many man would do... but banging her ass would be something all of us dream about. The beautiful Stacy is still a tempting target, and Yura is lucky enough to bang that young hottie in her holes, starting from the mouth, through the pussy to the final destination, right in the butt.

Episode: ButtPlays v600068 Pink Ribbons
Release date: 2014.04.23
[ButtPlays] v600068 Pink Ribbons
Starring: Lana Roberts
Do you know what's good in those pink ribbons on Lana's thighs? You don't have to untie them to get access to her hot, small asshole. Arty doesn't even mess with them, he goes right onto the bull's-eye, spreading the asshole wide apart and fucking Lana's lovely hot ass like nobody before.

Episode: ButtPlays v600067 First in line
Release date: 2014.04.16
[ButtPlays] v600067 First in line
Starring: Magy
Magy looks cock teasingly hot in her red lingerie. So hot actually, that we had to drive away the guys who stood in like to bang her hot pussy and needy ass. Of course we still needed some sexy action, so we chose the first in line, Arty, and asked him to bang that tight ass into ruins that he was happy to do.

Episode: ButtPlays v600066 Catching up with anal
Release date: 2014.04.11
[ButtPlays] v600066 Catching up with anal
Starring: Masha More
Masha More and her nicely trimmed bush made countless men happy, but her tight asshole is not much behind. Masha is about to catch up with her anal progress (not if that would be a race), so today all the attention will be focused on her lovely, warm asshole.

Episode: ButtPlays v600062 Cross my heart
Release date: 2014.02.12
[ButtPlays] v600062 Cross my heart
Starring: Valentina Cross
Valentina is one of the hottest anal bitches... cross my heart! She is a real anal expert, practically sucking off the dick with her tight asshole. She claims that she can cum just as hard from an anal teasing as if she would from a good pussy action. Well, we decided to check the truth in her words... here we go!

Episode: ButtPlays v600061 Butt-crazed Taissia
Release date: 2014.01.21
[ButtPlays] v600061 Butt-crazed Taissia
Starring: Taissia Shanti
The word you were looking for is 'hot'! Taissia Shanti has already proved her anal skills, but this girl cannot get enough. She wants her tight butthole to be destroyed. So be it! We give her every means to fulfill her lusty dream, and Kronos surely holds nothing back when he drills his cock into her lovely butt.

Episode: ButtPlays v600059 Release the Slut
Release date: 2014.01.08
[ButtPlays] v600059 Release the Slut
Starring: Aruna Aghora
That ribbon in Aruna's hair suggest some kind of innocent purity... and probably it is true in a way. But under the thin layer naivety there is a slut hiding, waiting to be released, and they key is nice, juicy cock, while the keyhole is her tight asshole. When Arty penetrates that tight ass, he releases the slut inside.

Episode: ButtPlays v600057 Miranda's Miracle
Release date: 2013.12.24
[ButtPlays] v600057 Miranda's Miracle
Starring: Miranda
Arty always wished for some amazing anal sex, but most of his girlfriends weren't too cooperative in the subject. On the other hand, his current girl, Miranda was totally different. She not just simple let him to do her ass, but she really loved their anal sessions. This girl was a miracle for Arty, a dream came true in a form of a willing butthole.

Episode: ButtPlays v600055 Hot Butt Kim
Release date: 2013.11.27
[ButtPlays] v600055 Hot Butt Kim
Starring: Helena Kim
Helena Kim's needy, hot butt demands some attention and Arty will be the lucky one to give the girl's tight asshole what it deserves... a nice, intense pounding. The lovely teen nearly purrs in pleasure when Arty teases her ass, but it quickly turns into aroused screams when the boy introduces his cock to the warm hole.

Episode: ButtPlays v600054 Anal Virtuoso
Release date: 2013.11.20
[ButtPlays] v600054 Anal Virtuoso
Starring: Marisol
Marisol is a little violin virtuoso, but he is quite good in handling 'wind instruments', if you know what we mean. Her agile fingers have an easy time to handle a big, juicy cock, and those lips are surely made for oral... but there is one more thing she is even better in, and that's hot, mind-blowing anal sex.

Episode: ButtPlays v600053 Slim Slam!
Release date: 2013.10.24
[ButtPlays] v600053 Slim Slam!
Starring: Rosa Mentoni
Slim babe Rosa Mentoni gets slammed and banged right into her tight asshole. Does she like it? She loves it! She rides that cock like a real cowgirl and we keep wondering how Yura's big dick fits into such a slender girl. Finally Yura loads the girl's asshole, giving her a naughty creampie, leaving the girl drained but happy!

Episode: ButtPlays v600052 Bumm, right in the bum!
Release date: 2013.10.17
[ButtPlays] v600052 Bumm, right in the bum!
Starring: Liona Levi
Yura's aim is true, as he goes right after the bum! He is a big time ass-destroyer, and his current target is a hot little thing called Liona Levi. Liona couldn't be called an ass-virgin, but even she screams in overwhelming pleasure as Yura turns her tight asshole into a cave, covering the girl with his cum.

Episode: ButtPlays v600051 Nextdoor invasion
Release date: 2013.10.10
[ButtPlays] v600051 Nextdoor invasion
Starring: Elisaveta Gulobeva
Have you ever thought about banging the girl next door? Tried to imagine how it feels to penetrate her tight asshole, and fuck it until she screams in please? Well, Yura didn't stop here. He actually went over to seduce his neighbor, Elisaveta for a lovely anal session. The girl agreed and as you'll see, the two had great fun together.

Episode: ButtPlays v600045 A Quest for the Fur
Release date: 2013.07.25
[ButtPlays] v600045 A Quest for the Fur
Starring: Dominica
Blonde Dominica likes it all natural, growing a cute dark patch on her pussy, not messing with wax and razor... and that is a big time turn on for countless men, including Thommy. The aroused guy is quick to peel off Dom's tiny attire and invade the girl's ass, enjoying the feeling as the furry pussy smacks against his naked balls. Lucky Thommy!

Episode: ButtPlays v600044 Through the back door
Release date: 2013.07.18
[ButtPlays] v600044 Through the back door
Starring: Koks
Thommy gets an invitation from her secret lover, Koks. The girl tells her that she will spend her day alone, so if they want to do something sweet and nasty, there will be nobody to interrupt. Her only request for Thommy that he should use the backdoor, avoiding the curious attention of the neighbors. Thommy takes the invitation quite literally, and comes through Koks tight, young 'backdoor', banging the girl's ass to a gaping hole