FistFlush Blacky & Clara G
[FistFlush] Blacky & Clara G
Starring: Black Diamond, Clara G
Clara fists Black Diamond which later returns the favor. There's also some incredible self fisting action displayed by Clara. She squirts from excitement all over Black Diamond.

FistFlush Clara G & Zafira & Sandy
[FistFlush] Clara G & Zafira & Sandy
Starring: Sandy, Clara G, Zafira
These hot brunette bring us some amazing pussy stretching fisting action. Watch how those lips wrap around the other girl's fist in high definition.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16404 Teaching Nia and Clara
Release date: 2013.06.15
[TeachMeFisting] v16404 Teaching Nia and Clara
Starring: Nia Black, Clara G.,
It had to come one day or another, when hot lesbian Clara G and the nymphomaniac Nia cross path with each other. It was obvious that it will lead to a challenge... and this challenge was about the flexibility of the pussies. Slender fists disappeared up to the wrist in wet loins, but it would be hard to decide which one of the girls were better.

FistFlush Clara G & Mandy
[FistFlush] Clara G & Mandy
Starring: Clara G, Mandy Bright
Clara G and Mandy Bright appear in this crazy hard fisting video. Lots of strong pussy fisting and crazy squirting. Incredible video.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16371 Teaching Alice Romain
Release date: 2012.11.17
[TeachMeFisting] v16371 Teaching Alice Romain
Starring: Alice Romain, Clara G.
You've probably heard about Alice Romain and definitely know Clara G, right? Well, if you don't, let us tell you that both girls are real sexual predators. So we decided to put them together in a scene to see how Clara's long fingers and slender hand fists into Alice's constantly horny pussy! The result was something really awesome that we share with you today. Enjoy!

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16364 Fisting friendship
Release date: 2012.10.06
[TeachMeFisting] v16364 Fisting friendship
Starring: Clara G, Leyla Black
Cute little Clara, looking innocent, but believe us, she is not. She loves it rough, pushing pleasure to the extreme, but she doesnt like to do it alone. When her sexy friend, Leyla shows up, she knows its going to be an interesting afternoon. The beautiful brunette fists her friend's tight pussy until Clara is a cumming mess. Now thats friendship!

FistFlush Clara G & Peaches
[FistFlush] Clara G & Peaches
Starring: Clara G, Peaches
Clara stuffs her full fist inside Peaches' tight pussy. Peaches then begins to fist Clara who squirts a jet of female ejaculate all over. Both chicks fist themselves in the end.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16359 Teaching Clara G.
Release date: 2012.09.01
[TeachMeFisting] v16359 Teaching Clara G.
Starring: Clara G.
Clara is a curious girl. She is most curious about the secrets of fisting, namely, how her girlfriends are capable of shoving their pretty little hands up their juicy pussies with such ease? She had no other choice, she just had to try fisting. And she did not regret it, oh no, not the least! It was the most pleasureable thirty minutes she ever had, and we were there, capturing every dripping wet second of it!

Episode 88, 89: Tits, whips and tatoos - Part 1 and 2

Added: 16-11-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Sophia Santi , Chayse Evans
It is such a great pleasure for me to welcome back to Clara-G the incredible Sophia Santi. I really love this girl, she is one of the kindest people I have ever met, she has one of the biggest hearts in this business, she is so calm, so sweet and professional and that's why she is the one who gets to wear the strap-on. Chayse Evans however is a very naughty little girl who is in serious need of a good old fashioned chick dickin just like mama used to pay attention. And these girls are not playing with Fisher Price toys, huge dildoes go deep down each throat, Chayse Evans gets fucked anal with a huge butt plug while I'm tap dancing with one foot deep in her pussy and Chayse also likes the whip...

Episode 86, 87: Sluts just wanna have fun - Part 1 and 2
[Clara-G] Episode 86, 87: Sluts just wanna have fun - Part 1 and 2
Added: 02-11-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Sophie Dee , Puma Swede
I gotta tell you guys, I am one seriously lucky fuck because next to donating free blow jobs to the homeless, working as a porn producer must be one of the most socially responsible things you can ever do for the community, I'm just happy that I can do my part. And while I'm on the subject of community pussy I'm pleased to announce that my two sweet girls Sophie Dee and Puma Swede stopped by for an outrageous fuck session. Now Sophie Dee is special because she can deep throat the Eiffel tower and smoke a cigarette at the same time...lucky bitch. I can't prove it but I'm sure Puma Swede's pussy is the real cause of global warming. Watch the trailer... both girls fuck themselves super dizzy.

Episode 84, 85: Two Fucking Hot - Part 1 and 2

Added: 10-10-2009
Directed by Clara G
Featuring: Brooke Haven , Nika Noire
Hi guys, I'm so fucking hyper because in this brand monkey spanking new episode of I have a chance to work with not one but two super sexy porn starlets namely Brooke Haven and Nika Noire. I like these two girls, they chose the biggest and most serious sex toys in my whole collection and best of all they know how to use them. Both girls do some incredible cunt stretching with the help of some seriously oversized dildoes, and Brooke takes it hard in her hot sexy ass too. Nika Noire looks so freaky as she tries to deep throat that massive rubber dick. It was like winning the hottie lottery working with these two full time super sluts, I guess it's true what they say "there's no business like ho business".

Episode 82, 83: Home Alone - Part 1 and 2
[Clara-G] Episode 82, 83: Home Alone - Part 1 and 2
Added: 25-09-2009
Directed by David Perry
Featuring: Clara G
Ok, so I know it's been a while since we've enjoyed some one on one time together, because as you know normally my house is like a disco with dildoes, filled with lots of crazy super beautiful bitches jumping around doing all types of wild ass shit...but not today. This time baby it's just me and you, I tried to make this video as instructional as possible so the next time someone tells you to go fuck yourself you'll know exactly what to do. Something I'm really into right now is the whole foot fetish thing, now is it just true for me or do all toes taste like martini bianco? And in case you were wondering, yes I do insert golf balls into my pussy, both fist, AND the mother of all giant cunt fuckers, just for you.