LatexAngel Triple Header Anal Plug
[LatexAngel] Triple Header Anal Plug
A thick and long three headed anal plug finds its way into my bowels. I push it inside that deep that i can feel it up to my stomach.

LatexAngel Oversized Zucchini
[LatexAngel] Oversized Zucchini
A more than large Zucchini spreads my asshole until it explodes. What remains is a huge gaping asshole which offers deep insights into my bowels.

LatexAngel Brutal Dildo Penetration
[LatexAngel] Brutal Dildo Penetration
I try hard fuck my latest dildo with my mouth but it is not possible. As you can see the toys always become even more bigger.
At least my pussy does not have any problems to fuck that fat dildo as is right and proper.

LatexAngel Massive squirting
[LatexAngel] Massive squirting
When my pussy is being fucked by that giant cock splint, my dripping cunt simply cannot keep the jiuce inside. Again and again I am squirting gallons all over his cock while I hang suspended from the ceiling.

LatexAngel Happy Kinky Easter
[LatexAngel] Happy Kinky Easter
My asshole lays several easter eggs and gets filled up with whip cream as well with liquid chocolate. The result is quite a kinky one which also includes messy food play because i smear the choclate enema on my cunt.

LatexAngel Deep Throat in a sling
[LatexAngel] Deep Throat in a sling
Lying reverse in a sling I take the entire cock down my throat balls deep. Merciless my face gets fucked hard, deep and sloppy while my pussy gets fistfucked and stretched wide open.

LatexAngel Vaginal pumping & fisting
[LatexAngel] Vaginal pumping & fisting
Pumping my pussy over a long time makes my lips swollen and very sensitive. I try to satisfy my hunger with a huge dildo but it is no match for my cunt. Yet again it is the fist who made me squirt and come like crazy.

LatexAngel Oily seffisting & farting
[LatexAngel] Oily seffisting & farting
I fistfick my own asshole which has been pre-stretched by a buttplug. Filled with plenty of oil and air compressed by my fist in the bowels i have to fart for minutes. Finally my farting asshole gets glazed with cum all over it.

LatexAngel Dildo Camera
[LatexAngel] Dildo Camera
With a camera mounted on a huge dildo my pussy gets fucked deep and hard just as i like it. I also get double penetrated with two dildos leaving my holes wide open - see it all in this stunning close up.

LatexAngel Huge Pussy Destruction
[LatexAngel] Huge Pussy Destruction
It is a huge black cone shaped dildo which is on the best way to destroy my pussy. I sit down on it and slide the monster into my cum dripping pussy all the way until it stops. Extreme pussy dilation, definitely not for beginners!

LatexAngel Cock Extension fucking
[LatexAngel] Cock Extension fucking
After prestretching my sphincter with a buttplug my asshole as well my pussy gets merciless fucked and destroyed with the giant cock extension. Having not enough my master fucks and fists my pussy hard until he comes.

LatexAngel Horse-Cock-Dildo fucking
[LatexAngel] Horse-Cock-Dildo fucking
After i have licked and fucked the horse-cock-dildo with my mouth extensively, i cannot wait any longer and i simply have to fuck that rubber horse-cock deep inside my already wet, willing and drippin pussy.

LatexAngel Huge Dildo workout
[LatexAngel] Huge Dildo workout
With both arms in suspension cuffs, which hang on iron chains from the ceiling, I stand above the huge dildo. While i bend me knees and stretch my arms the huge dildo slides under my own weight into my cunt stretching it to the max.

LatexAngel Real Orgasm in Sling
[LatexAngel] Real Orgasm in Sling
Totally relaxed while legs spread wid eand high I am lying in the sling and spoil my pussy with the Hitachi Magic Wand. I stimulate my clitoris with the vibrator while a plug is inserted in my ass makes me come really awesome.

LatexAngel Kinky Anal Games
[LatexAngel] Kinky Anal Games
First my little asshole gets pre-stretched thoroughly by a cock including both balls before the fist stretches my asshole merciless until i have to squirt. Having my bowles filled with cum i give an anal creampie during i piss all over his cock.

LatexAngel Caterpillar Dildo in pussy
[LatexAngel] Caterpillar Dildo in pussy
This huge so called caterpillar dildo is definitiv not recommendable for untrained or small pussies, but once it fits, it just feels wonderful to slide over the thick grooves and to stretch the pussy even further.

LatexAngel Pumped cock blowjob
[LatexAngel] Pumped cock blowjob
A thick pumped penis not only looks awesome, but feels damn good. So it's no surprise that I can breathe hardly with such a big dick down my throat. Anyway, my master has other intentions with my filthy mouth.

LatexAngel Horsecock Strapon
[LatexAngel] Horsecock Strapon
While lying in a leather sling, i am wondering how my master will suprise me this time. I canВґt belive my eyes when he appears with a horsecock as a strapon dildo ready to ram it right into my pussy.

LatexAngel Anal sex in sling
[LatexAngel] Anal sex in sling
"Now it's about time to fuck your asshole with my cock" he said and put the strap on dildo aside. Pre stretched from the horsecock he had no trouble at all pushing down his prick into my intestines.