Roxy Raye Jizz On My Rose
Added 06/27/2013
[Roxy Raye] Jizz On My Rose
Featuring: Roxy Raye
This week I needed to get stretched, pounded, gaped and rose budded. I first worked up my hole to make it nice, warm and open for a hard cock. I receive a big man fist and some good strokes of a soft dildo going in and out of my rosebud before I make my way down to taste some hard dick. As soon as I felt he was rock hard in my mouth I lay back on the bed, spread my rose and have him enter the fluffy feeling ass. He pounds me in a POV position for some time and sprays me with a hot load of his cum directly on my yummy protruding rosebud. I lick up all the dirty cum what was squeezed out of my ass but I'm still ready for a little more. I tell him to clean up the mess he made on my ass, so I am then washed down by a nice stream right on my abused hole. Enjoy! :-)