Roxy Raye My Ass Buddy
Added 05/12/2013
[Roxy Raye] My Ass Buddy
Featuring: Roxy Raye
I recently met up with a guy that I have been talking back and forth with on twitter for over a year now. He doesn't live in my area so it took some time to schedule some naughty fun out with him. He is a major anal lover like me, which was a nice change of pace compared to some of the other guys I've fooled around with. So, I met up with him at a nudist resort and we wasted no time getting busy throwing off our clothes and getting down to sucking one another. He had never fisted a girl in his life before so I made sure I gave him the opportunity to feel what that is like. He ended up having a pretty large fist but it slid in with ease. As he started to fist fuck me harder and harder, I couldn't help but to cum in only a few minutes in. That was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had from being anally fisted, not sure if his fist was magical or if my butt was having an amazing day, but damn that felt damn great. As my ass was open and ready for more, he slid his rock hard cock in my hole doggy style and pounded me over and over, making sure to gape me open wide and lick up all my ass juices. My ass couldn't stop making loud farting noises all over his cock while he was pounding me with my ass up, which turned us both on immensely. He finished with a hot creamy load that glazed my butt cheeks. mmmmm! I love being ass fucked!

Roxy Raye Camshow Replay (Nov. 3, 2012)
Added 11/08/2012
[Roxy Raye] Extreme Camshow Replay (Nov. 3, 2012)
Featuring: Roxy Raye
Hey guys, Here is the camshow reply with pictures from Nov. 3rd 2012. At almost 90 minutes long, it's my longest camshow replay yet, and you guys will see some of my craziest stuff yet. :-)

Roxy Raye Oiled Up & Fist Fucked
Added 05/03/2012
[Roxy Raye] Oiled Up & Fist Fucked (Amazing Anal Prolapse Toying)
Featuring: Roxy Raye
Most people know by now that I like to get really nasty and really messy. It was about time for one of those videos, so I drenched my naked body with oil, filling my ass with oil as well. I then brought my black and white fist shaped toys out and loosened up my holes all slutty. The toys sure felt nice but I wanted to feel a real flesh fist. I was so fucking horny I flipped on my back and spread my legs back, presenting my ass and pussy for a huge man fist to come feel me. He first started on my pussy, stretching and opening up my hole nice and big. No time wasted moving right to my ass as it got a nice punishment of hard fist punching. I don't think I've ever been fisted in my ass that hard and with such a big fist too! It was a very satisfying experience for me. There's nothing quite like getting yourself all silky wet and messy, then getting ass punched :-)

Roxy Raye Pretty Sloppy Prison
Added 02/23/2012
[Roxy Raye] Pretty Sloppy Prison
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Alexis Texas, Tori Black
I originally posted these photos last year, but have since received a copy of the video from Evil Angel to post on my site for you guys! So, I moved the photos over to this update, and uploaded the entire video... over an hour's worth of hot threesome footage, with lots of gaping holes and stretched out asses!

RoxyRaye I'm All Pumped Up
Added 03/31/2011
[RoxyRaye] I'm All Pumped Up
Starring: Roxy Raye
I got some good feedback from the last pumping video I did, so I decided to do it all over again for you guys. I brought out some smaller ones this time, though, and was able to pump my nipples, clit and even pull my rosebud out for you guys... all at the same time! Enjoy!

RoxyRaye POV Sucking & Fucking
Added 02/17/2011
[RoxyRaye] POV Sucking & Fucking
Starring: Roxy Raye
I was attempting to film my first fucking/sucking POV video for you guys but It was a lot harder than I thought trying to keep the camera steady while I'm bouncing on a hard cock. Hopefully you guys still enjoy this raw footage of me sucking, fucking and squirting all over a yummy cock. Oh ya, I can't forget about the load I got on me too :)