Episode:TeachMeFisting v16410 Teaching Leyla and Pussykat
Release date: 2013.08.03
[TeachMeFisting] v16410 Teaching Leyla and Pussykat
Starring: Pussykat, Leyla Black
Leyla would like to introduce her newest friend to you, the Asian cutie called Pussykat. Although she was brief when we asked about the way they've met, it was somehow connected to fisting. We didn't understand it back then, until the girls showed up in front of our camera to tell the story in details. Here it goes!

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16409 Teaching Minnie Manga
Release date: 2013.07.27
[TeachMeFisting] v16409 Teaching Minnie Manga
Starring: Koks, Minnie Manga
Redhead Minnie Manga really wanted to learn some about the wonderful art of fisting. Koks, a rookie herself but a talented one, stepped up to give a hand to Minnie, quite literally. The girls licked each other wet, then Koks put her fists into good use, making Minnie the happiest girl in the house.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16408 Teaching Betty Stylle
Release date: 2013.07.20
[TeachMeFisting] v16408 Teaching Betty Stylle
Starring: Summer, Betty Stylle
Though Betty is far from a fisting rookie, one cannot learn enough. Not to mention that she may have some whole new experience by the hands of a whole new girl, like Summer. Having the blonde's hand wrist-deep in her pussy, Betty cums like a fountain, learning the new limits of her body.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16407 Teaching Denisa Heaven
Release date: 2013.08.17
[TeachMeFisting] v16407 Teaching Denisa Heaven
Starring: Suzie Carina, Denisa Heaven
The fisting school never stops as new girls arrive constantly to enjoy the lectures and learn some more about their body, taking special focus at the flexibility of their pussies. Denisa Heaven, who cannot be called as a rookie, also come back for a new lecture, this time by the slender hands of Suzie Carina.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16406 Teaching Rene and Suzie
Release date: 2013.07.06
[TeachMeFisting] v16406 Teaching Rene and Suzie
Starring: Rene, Suzie Carina
Rene and Suzie Carina came together to try some naughty things behind closed doors. Of course privacy is not something we prefer, so we convinced the girl to let our cameras in. It took some effort but finally we found ourselves behind the doors, just to witness some amazing fisting session.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16404 Teaching Nia and Clara
Release date: 2013.06.15
[TeachMeFisting] v16404 Teaching Nia and Clara
Starring: Nia Black, Clara G.,
It had to come one day or another, when hot lesbian Clara G and the nymphomaniac Nia cross path with each other. It was obvious that it will lead to a challenge... and this challenge was about the flexibility of the pussies. Slender fists disappeared up to the wrist in wet loins, but it would be hard to decide which one of the girls were better.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16403 Teaching Alice and Leyla
Release date: 2013.06.26
[TeachMeFisting] v16403 Teaching Alice and Leyla
Starring: Leyla Black, Alice Romain
It could happen that cute little Latina, Leyla Black needed a warm glove... or probably she just wanted to feel a tight, most pussy around her fist. Well, either way, stunningly hot Alice was more than perfect to fulfill Leyla's wishes, and make themselves a exciting afternoon.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16402 Teaching Tina and Betty
Release date: 2013.06.01
[TeachMeFisting] v16402 Teaching Tina and Betty
Starring: Tina Blade, Betty Stylle
We don't know who teaches who this time, since both Betty Stylle and the squirt queen Tiny Blade looks amazingly skilled in the art of fisting. Either way, they have a damn good time stretching each other to the limit, those slender hands rubbing the whole surface of their vagina high up, driving one another to a mind-blowing climax.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16401 Teaching Klarisa and Gina
Release date: 2013.06.22
[TeachMeFisting] v16401 Teaching Klarisa and Gina
Starring: Klarisa Leone, Gina Devine
Klarisa Leone is a bad girl, she makes it obvious with those tattoos and piercings. Her girlfriend, on the other hand, is much more shy and in need of some sexual training. Klarisa shows the petite little Gina everything she needs to know about the art of fisting, before she spreads Gina tight pussy with her own hand, causing the girl pleasures over understanding.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16400 Teaching Lucy and Gina
Release date: 2013.05.25
[TeachMeFisting] v16400 Teaching Lucy and Gina
Starring: Lucy Bell, Gina Devine
Sometimes it is hard to decide the roles as in who is the teacher and who is the student, especially if the girls are both well-trained in fisting and both have very flexible pussies. Let's just say, that it is a mutual teaching session, where Lucy Bell and Gina Devine share their tricks in a very pleasurable way.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16399 Teaching Nesty
Release date: 2013.05.18
[TeachMeFisting] v16399 Teaching Nesty
Starring: Lyen Parker, Nesty
Sooner or later every girls wanna try fisting. After all it sounds exciting, challenging, and satisfying. Trainer and trainee, Lyen and Nesty find a private little corner to try out their newest fetish and test the flexibility of the blonde girl's otherwise tight, pink pussy. Go-go, girls!

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16398 Teaching Kerry
Release date: 2013.05.11
[TeachMeFisting] v16398 Teaching Kerry
Starring: Chary Kiss, Kerry
In our today's teaching session we gathered two of the most popular models, the slender beauty Chary Kiss and the petite bombshell Kerry to give a mind-blowing demonstration about their fisting skills. Both girls know their way around the female body, and believe us, they made miracle in front of our camera.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16397 Teaching Madlin and Amirah
Release date: 2013.04.20
[TeachMeFisting] v16397 Teaching Madlin and Amirah
Starring: Madlin Moon, Amirah Adara
The fisting sessions cannot be stopped, not if we would like to. After all, watching those wide-spread pussies squirt in pleasure is something that keeps us entertained again and again. Especially when the participants are such outstanding beauties like Amirah Adara or Madlin Moon, right?

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16396 Teaching Angel Piaff
Release date: 2013.04.20
[TeachMeFisting] v16396 Teaching Angel Piaff
Starring: Angel Piaff, Blanche Bradburry
The summer is near but the classes won't stop in the school of fisting. Our today's pupil is the beautiful Angel Piaff, who will just realize the new dimensions of her pussy. Stretched to the limits by Blanche Bradburry, Angel finds out how flexible she is, and also learns to squirt in pleasure!

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16395 A Twist of Fist
Release date: 2013.04.13
[TeachMeFisting] v16395 A Twist of Fist
Starring: Nikky Thorne, Beata Undine
Do you remember Nikky, the fisting instructor? Of course you do, you cannot forget one of the bests. With a twist (of the fist), this time Nikky finds herself mostly on the receiving end, letting Beata practice her own mastery over the art of pussy-stretching fisting fun!

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16394 Teaching Alysa Gap
Release date: 2013.05.04
[TeachMeFisting] v16394 Teaching Alysa Gap
Starring: Alysa Gap
The title can be a bit misleading, because if someone doesn't need any teaching, that's the amazing Alysa Gap. That girl can spread any of her holes into a gaping hole, the flexibility of her pussy and asshole is more than stunning. So lean back and enjoy the pussy and ass-fisting show she gives you! You won't regret it!

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16393 Mistesses of Fisting
Release date: 2013.06.08
[TeachMeFisting] v16393 Mistesses of Fisting
Starring: Alysa Gap, Nikky Thorne
We are aware that the site title would suggest otherwise, but today there will be no teaching at all. Two of the bests will come together to give a stunning demonstration about their fisting skills. Alysa Gap and Nikky Thorne are the best in the business and they prove it again.

Episode:TeachMeFisting v16391 Anal fisting supreme
Release date: 2012.04.06
[TeachMeFisting] v16391 Anal fisting supreme
Starring: Destiny, Alysa Gap, Nikky Thorne
Nikky Thorne is our all-time favorite... just watch ANY of her scenes and you'll know, why. She simply loves what she's doing... Can you guess how long it took her to cum while Destiny was plunging deep into her wet cunt wrist deep? No? Then let us add Alysa and her anal fisting skills to the equation and things turn from good to great all the sudden!