HouseOfTaboo - Testing those Holes


HouseOfTaboo - Testing those Holes
HouseOfTaboo - Testing those Holes
Susan Ayn
July 15 2014
Testing those Holes
Choky Ice clearly saves on sadistic expenses by keeping his handcuffed slave Susan Ayn not in a cage but under an old desk behind a curtain. You'll see what we mean in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM.
When he has her crawl out he stretches her mouth with his big toes then wets a silver bullet vibrator with her lips and stuffs it into her shaved pussy. He also fists her snatch with several fingers. But this is only preparation for that toy's journey into her clam and then her asshole; he secures the shiny cylinder in her butt by wrapping her cheeks in masking tape.
But Mr. Ice decides he's missing too much fun if he just keeps the unit in there with the tape so he pulls it off so that he can move the vibrator back and forth himself with his hardy hand while squeezing her pussy meat too.
When he's done splaying apart Susan's pink slit as if testing her hole to see how far it can open he orders her back into her cell behind the curtain...but feeling defiant she doesn't go quietly!

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