Episode: AnalEducator.com Ass Fucking and Great Gapes
[AnalEducator] Ass Fucking and Great Gapes
Date : 08/26/2014
Starring: Sofy, Timo Hardy
Timo Hardy knows very well how to make one girl gape. Today he had a lot of fun with Sofi. We can really say that Timo opened her ass very well and specially very deep. Her beautiful asshole is wide like never before and the anal action makes this girl really crazy. Thumbs up for Timo, and of course for Sofi!

Episode: AnalEducator.com Gapolexa and Monica's Anal Adventure
[AnalEducator] Gapolexa and Monica's Anal Adventure
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Alisya, Monica B.
Gapeolexa and Monika can never satisfy their sex hunger. The lesbian lust grows to extreem anal toy penetrations and they seek to get fucked by man as well who can make them gag and gape. Giorgio never misses a chance to have fun with two horny sluts, he fucks them so hard that they cant stop coming- Giorgio gapes Monika and Gapolexa like never before rimming their asses with his tongue.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Blond Teen in Double Penetration
[AnalEducator] Blond Teen in Double Penetration
Date : 01/16/2014
Starring: Venday
Venday is a dirty whore. She likes every kind of sex, but specially when she can enjoy multiple dicks at the same time inside her holes. Today she got a present for me and she turned crazy when she understood what kind of scenes I created for her. She was really very happy to be fucked by Timo and Oliver, they make her feel like the more dirty whore of Russia and with suck sensation she can better enjoy the double penetration and the sperm in the ass who will fill up her hole!

Episode: AnalEducator.com Julia Gets Busted in Her Ass
[AnalEducator] Julia Gets Busted in Her Ass
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Julia
Julia is seeking to get laid properly. When she wants sex, she goes to find the most strong man to accomodate her sexual desires and take her in the butt in every position possible. Serge is a big lover of molly girls. His big hard cock glides from Julia's lips to her ass hole making her gape like she desires.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Bunette Enjoy Huge Cock
[AnalEducator] Bunette Enjoy Huge Cock
Added : 10/24/2013
Starring: Amber
Amber today arrived on the shooting very excited. She asked me to perform in anal sex instead of simply vaginal sex because she wants to gain more money and buy few sexy dressed for make a party with her boyfriend. I could not refuse such nice offer and I asked to my young new stud to fuck her in the ass... he was very happy as well!!

Episode: AnalEducator.com Big Cock for Blond Slut Lilian
[AnalEducator] Big Cock for Blond Slut Lilian
Added : 01/02/2014
Starring: Lilian, Omar Galanti
Lilian is a blond pretty girl from Saint Petersburg. Today she met with Omar, a very huge cock! She enjoined to play with him fist in the car, where her pussy has been fucked already. Then at home Omar penetrate her ass with a huge black dildo at the beginning, then with his cock. She was gaping very large and she enjoined really a lot the sex in different positions, reaching several orgasms before to finally taste the taste of cum!

Episode: AnalEducator.com Anal and Oil Games
[AnalEducator] Anal and Oil Games
Added : 10/31/2013
Starring: Alisa
Alisa is a pretty student. Her agent told me she has a great attitude and a very pretty body. So here we are with Vadim more horny then usual and Alisa who is first enjoining a oily massage and then a very good amount of cock in all he holes. Specially in the back one, where the cock of Vadim was the first of a long line of dicks who will fuck Alisa in the ass. Fuck, will I be the next one at least?!

Episode: AnalEducator.com Vaginal Fisting for Cute Brunette
[AnalEducator] Vaginal Fisting for Cute Brunette
Added : 10/10/2013
Starring: Miki
I fucked Miki so many time in my life that I really think I've a kind of passion for her very slutty behavior. This time my stud oil all her body and massaged her for a while before to fuck her and attempt to fist her. Miki enjoined the massage. The goosebumps on her back let me understand that today my actor would have enjoyed the situation much more than I. What to say, I will invite Miki to dinner after and we will drink a bottle of Vodka making crazy sex all the night... but now let's enjoy the video!

Episode: AnalEducator.com Anal and Fisting in the Bath
[AnalEducator] Anal and Fisting in the Bath
Added : 10/03/2013
Starring: Sasha
Sasha is a wired girl. She is the singer of one heavy metal band,but probably they are not so good to generate a good incoming. This is probably the reason why she shoots also porn, but guys.. she likes it, actually she scream like a dead metal singer every time the cock pump deep her ass and her hoarse voice was very sexy and interesting also for me... but I was just behind the camera.. pity, isn't it?

Episode: AnalEducator.com Other Anal Deployment For Horny Milf Lisa
[AnalEducator] Other Anal Deployment For Horny Milf Lisa
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Lisa
Lisa a horny Milf is crazy about young boys and she always try to show them new ways to pleasure a woman. She invited a boy to take a shower with her thus in her mind she wants she wants him to fuck her strong and be dominated by him. Sucking his bid dick she drives him to fuck her ass and to try out vaginal fisting. She will not leave the bath room unsatisfied.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Sweet Teen Sophia Gets Anal Lesson
[AnalEducator] Sweet Teen Sophia Gets Anal Lesson
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Sofia
Sweet teen Sophia once she was introduced to the pleasures of anal sex can't get enough of it. She want to prove to her boy friend that she can withstand hard anal treatment. Sophia bags him to treat her like slut and to be fucked in her butt in different positions.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Lolly Moon and Julia get fucked in the Ass by Serge
[AnalEducator] Lolly Moon and Julia get fucked in the Ass by Serge
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Lolly Moon, Julia
It is not enough for julia to have a boy girl sex, she wishes to participate in a threesome sex orgy. Lolly Moon is a busty bitch who wants to expand her sexlive. She gladly accepts Serge's invitation. Both girls are having pleasure sucking his hard shaft and allowing it to hammer their butts while they fuck each other with anal toys.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Britney`s Anal Destruction

[AnalEducator] Britney`s Anal Destruction
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Britney, Vadim
Britney ner hesitated to take right decisions in order to get maximum joy from all things. When Vadim offers her to come over and to participate in his anal lesson, she could not say no. She asked to be rood and dominant to her this night and Vadim goes crazy when there are no limits. Fucking her teeny ass he tries to push her for more.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Gapolexa`s Gets Superb Ass Busting
[AnalEducator] Gapolexa`s Gets Superb Ass Busting
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Alisya, Omar Galanti
Gapolexa and Omar go completely mad together. When two superstars have the passion for each other the are no limits. Putting huge black balls into her ass just let Omar's fantasy fly, with brutal force he puts the huge ball toy together with his monster cock into Gapolexa's cunt. Extreem gaping and deep throat is on the manu for her.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Big Ass Stella Gets Anal Training by Vadim
[AnalEducator] Big Ass Stella Gets Anal Training by Vadim
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Stella, Vadim
Vadim never misses a chance to enjoy new big butts. Stella is always open to try out new sex positions and to fulfill her sexual dreams. Lubricating her ass with oil he tries to fist her to give her more pleasure and devastates her ass by hammering it nonstop. The big ass girl is going crazy when he brutally puts his dick into her ass.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Courtney Gets Desired Anal Treatment In Bathroom
[AnalEducator] Courtney Gets Desired Anal Treatment In Bathroom
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Courtney
Taking bath alone is not a pleasure for Courtney, she prefers to take her boyfriend with. Seducing him in a bathroom she secretly desires that her first anal experience would bring her unforgettable pleasure. Sucking his cock, putting it straight in her tiny ass hole and getting fucked in several positions is what Courtney gets this night.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Asya's First Anal Lesson

[AnalEducator] Asya's First Anal Lesson
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Abbey
Asya is a curios teen who want to get maximum from her sex live. Being curious for new things she has no illusion when her boy friends asks her to try it out. The more her sexual attitude gets arouse the more she wants to get pleasure from. Anal sex is not enough she wants to get fisted.

Episode: AnalEducator.com Raffaella`s Anal Punishment
[AnalEducator] Raffaella`s Anal Punishment
Date : 2012-11-23
Starring: Raffaella, Omar Galanti
Fantasizing about different asses Omar just felt asleep - his mind is tired of all perversions. His desire is to have kinky sex with a pretty girl. Though Raffaella is eager to experiment as well, its not exactly whats on her mind. Gently licking toues of Omar she wishes just to be hardly fucked in her virgin asshole. Raffaella enjoes riding Omar's huge cock and going crazy when he rams her tiny ass.