ExplosiveDildoStories Cony Ferarra - A Walk In The Horny Woods
[ExplosiveDildoStories] Cony Ferarra - A Walk In The Horny Woods
Starring: Cony Ferarra
If you saw a sexy jogger, with her tits bouncing provocatively, wouldnt you wanna shove your cock down her throat! And this cock hungry slut is up for it as she deep-throats a fat cock gagging on its girth as it blocks her windpipe. Her arse is lubed and primed and first she gets a thick dildo up her back passage then she impales her tight rosebud on his upright weapon going ball deep! He grabs her by the throat as he slams into her her face in the dirt! She chokes some more as she cleans his prick with her mouth, her spit hanging down in tendrils! And for his finale, he shoves a funnel up her arse and fills her with milk before spunking directly into her! Nasty!

ExplosiveDildoStories Mischell Pumps Her Pussy With The Newest Dildos
[ExplosiveDildoStories] Mischell Pumps Her Pussy With The Newest Dildos
Starring: Mischell
Mischell gets greased up before she gets on the exercise equipment. It doesn't help her fitness routine, but it does make her look even sexier while she pumps iron, or pumps her pussy with the newest dildos in her collection. For a girl like Mischell, body oil is a way of advertising her firm belly, tight asshole and wet pussy. She's always hoping someone will notice her because she never got much attention from her exboyfriend. Finding a girl who is coming off a terrible relationship is a great way to meet whores who will let you do whatever your want with their holes. Mischell is looking for romance and love, but she is definitely willing to trade anal sex and cum swallowing with anyone who can make her feel more important than

ExplosiveDildoStories Daria Glower Has Reached Her Own Deep Sex Toy Orgasm
[ExplosiveDildoStories] Daria Glower Has Reached Her Own Deep Sex Toy Orgasm
Starring: Daria Glower
Daria Glower is a world class gaper and she loves the dildos with a T grip on them because they allow her to get more power into every pump as she slams her own pussy full of plastic and gets her pussy and ass ready for invasion by real man meat soon after. Daria told us that the one thing she dislikes about dildos is that they can't cum all over her face, so she likes to either fuck herself with toys while a man watches or she likes to keep a container of cum from the me she has fucked recently so that she can open it up and enjoy some after she has reached her own deep sex toy orgasm. You have to admire a woman who loves cum as much as she loves sex toys!

ExplosiveDildoStories Niky Verona Feels Something Hard Between Her Legs

[ExplosiveDildoStories] Niky Verona Feels Something Hard Between Her Legs
Starring: Niky Verona
She likes to feel something hard between her legs and this blonde slut isnt disappointed as the mechanic appears and rebores her throat with his own piston. She gag as his cock blocks her larynx, her spit sliming her face. Gobbing on her brown ring, he rams a dildo into her arse, making her cry out load with each thrust. He forces a gag into her mouth before ramming his hard cock into her violated arse. Pulling out, he eats her pussy before slamming a huge black dong into her gaping hole then its A2M as he forces this mega black cock into her mouth. And for her humiliating finale he plugs her arse with a pink grommet and greases her battered holes with a wad of creamy spunk!

ExplosiveDildoStories Kyra Banks - Dirty Biker Bitch Fucks Outdoors

[ExplosiveDildoStories] Kyra Banks - Dirty Biker Bitch Fucks Outdoors
Starring: Kyra Banks
Stunning blonde Kyra cops a squat in the woods and releases a gallon of piss, but her boyfriend has other things in mind as he drives deeper into the forest and then drives his hard cock down the back of Kyras throat! Gagging, she forces the thick cock past her larynx as she receives slaps to her pretty face. Dragging off her shorts, he finger fucks her arsehole, lubing it with spit before he shoves a variety of latex up her stretched hole. More hard face-fucking follows before Kyra impales her gaping arse onto his meaty weapon. Dragging her off, her head is forced down onto his cock and she laps up her arse juice! Screaming, Kyra takes more severe arse pounding before her dirty hole is filled with spunk! Shes one dirty biker bitch!

ExplosiveDildoStories This Filthy Blonde Likes To Lick

[ExplosiveDildoStories] This Filthy Blonde Likes To Lick
Starring: Jessica Miller
Do you like cream? Most people do especially over a delicious dessert, but this filthy blonde likes to lick it from a super-sized dildo. She teases and tempts as she slowly peels off her top, revealing pert boobies followed quickly by discarding her scanty panties. Reaching for the tin of cream, this dirty minx squeezes out a huge dollop onto the top of this bulbous dong and with a wicked glint in her eye, her tongue snakes out and licks it clean. More cream is added and she smears some onto her slim body, massaging it in before taking the cream-covered dong and tickling her cunt with it. She slowly pushes the humongous dick inside her sweet cunt her juices mixing with the cream to make the ultimate dessert sundae! Yummy!

ExplosiveDildoStories Vanda - Get a Hard Anal Penetration

[ExplosiveDildoStories] Vanda - Get a Hard Anal Penetration
Starring: Vanda
Some porn fans who are seeing Vanda for the first time might think that her scarlet red hair is what makes her so different from other pornstars. In fact, there are plenty of pornstars with red hair, but few who can handle the deep and wide gaping anal pounding that Vanda is capable of taking! Watch as she takes a toy with the thickness of a beer can and the length of your forearm deep into her asshole while her costar crams his cock in and out of her for extra enjoyment!