PickupBuster Omar is looking for a Tattoo Salon
[PickupBuster] Omar is looking for a Tattoo Salon
Added 01/11/2014
Starring: Dulsineya, Omar Galanti
Today Omar is not lucky today. He spent a lot of time around in the city looking for a tattoo salon. When he lost the hope he finally find Dusia. To find a Tattoo salon is just an excuse, we know about it...

PickupBuster Ass Training
[PickupBuster] Ass Training
Added 12/28/2014
Starring: Milana, Omar Galanti
Omar catch one girl pretending to be a personal trainer, specialized in ass training. The girl seams very interesting and she wants to test. The think is that Omar wants to train the asshole instead then the muscles around...

PickupBuster Omar Catch one of his Follower
[PickupBuster] Omar Catch one of his Follower
Added 11/30/2014
Starring: Bella, Omar Galanti
Omar today is really lucky, he is around in the street and he stopped a girl that recognize him. She is very pretty and she is also very interested in having sex with him. The rest is simply incredible!

PickupBuster Hunting under the Snow!
[PickupBuster] Hunting under the Snow!
Added 10/05/2014
Starring: Rocky, Omar Galanti
Today the weather is really terrible. Omar is really pissed and no body in the street. Also Roky seams lost in the city, she is waiting a taxi under the show. Omar pretend to be again the photographer, and with a simple trick he is finally able to catch one girl today as well. Great gapes, intense anal action and facial cumshot!

PickupBuster Really easy Catch with formal Porngirl
[PickupBuster] Really easy Catch with formal Porngirl
Added 10/05/2014
Starring: Erina, Omar Galanti
Omar has already fucked most of the girls he found in the center of St. Petersburg, today he catches Erina. Erina already shot porn, but she pretend to be shine. Omar did not understand she is already skilled in porn and he acts like with every other girl. At home the situation id funny, but very hard for the asshole of erina who deserve to be busted as more as possible

PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Jenia
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Jenia
Added 09/21/2014
Starring: Jenia, Omar Galanti
Its cloudy today in St. Peterburg. He is not in good mood, the weather sucks. He presents money to the girls, but the money are fake. One girl turn mad about, and Omar is able to pick her up with the excuse to go home to pick up same real cash and prepare spaghetti. She agree...

Episode: PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Emilia
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Emilia
Added 08/31/2014
Starring: Emilia, Omar Galanti
Omar is around in the city pretending to be a photographer. He stops many girls until he found a girl taking the sun in the street. She is a cool brunette and very hot, Omar propose her to work like model and she agree to go with him at his studio. She goes crazy when Omar licks her pussy

Episode: PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Amanda
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Amanda
Added 08/24/2014
Starring: Amanda, Omar Galanti
Omar is around in the street going crazy with many girls. He find a nice girl alone inside a bar and he starts his crazy comedy. He enters in the bar and he starts to picture her. The girl is pretty, but a bit crazy. Omar get her home for same pictures but the situation gets hot very fast and she can finally enjoy his big cock.

Episode: PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Anastasya
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Anastasya
Added 08/17/2014
Starring: Anastasya, Omar Galanti
Night time in St. Peterburg and Omar is hunting again. This night he pretend to be a director and photographer. Anastasya is in the center for the evening and home dont lose the opportunity to bring her at home for same great anal sex!

Episode: PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Amelie
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Amelie
Added 08/03/2014
Starring: Amelie, Omar Galanti
Today is around with his camera, filming the girls around in the city. Today he pretend to be looking for a dancer for the television. Its very cold today and its full of snow. He catch a pretty blond, she is looking forward for same job and she looks very interesting...

Episode: PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Henessy
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Henessy
Added 08/02/2014
Starring: Henessy, Omar Galanti
Today is snowing in St. Petersburg, but home feels really hot. He is around in this cold weather near his studio. The streets are frozen and seams hard to find a pretty and interesting girl. Omar did not give up, today he pretend to be a famous musician and he give to anyone his visit card. good strategy, at the end he find his prey into a bar.

Episode: PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Xenia
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Xenia
Added 08/01/2014
Starring: Xenia, Omar Galanti
Omar is hunting around his studio. He is still pretending to be able to erase any kind of problem with his psychological power. He is upset because today seams hard to find the right girl. Finally he get a pretty blond, and start his technique and she finally agree to visit his place

Episode: PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Angel Rivas
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Angel Rivas
Added 07/31/2014
Starring: Angel Rivas, Omar Galanti
Omar is every time horny in the streets of the center of St. Peterburg. He is pretending to be a hypnotist able to eliminate the problems. He stopped many girls, then he found Angel and he is able to take her home. Basically she doesnt care about the power of Omar, she is more interest in big cocks...

Episode: PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Black Angel
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Black Angel
Added 07/30/2014
Starring: Black Angel, Omar Galanti
Omar is around in the street with his cameraman looking for same nice girl. today its easy and fast to pickup a Russian beauty for try to have fun. Angel is new in Porn, and this is probably the beginning of a career in this business for this cute brunette.

Episode: PickupBuster Omar Pick Up Dolly
[PickupBuster] Omar Pick Up Dolly
Added 07/29/2014
Starring: Dolly, Omar Galanti
Dolly is around near the river pretending he wants to suicide because he has been fired from her boss. One stupid girl did not get the joke and keep helping him. Omar doesnt understand the language, but actually the girl likes him and she wants may be to keep a friendship. Omar take the opportunity and bring the girls home...