AssPhilosophy Perla's Anal Experiments
[AssPhilosophy] Perla's Anal Experiments
Added 11/12/2014
Starring: Perla Chantal
We love blond slutty milf. Perla Chantal is exactly what we need for have fun. She is skinny and extremely sexy with her lingerie and her small asshole is stretching wide and wide every time Franco pump her ass with his cock. Enjoy it!

AssPhilosophy Big cock up in the Ass
[AssPhilosophy] Big cock up in the Ass
Added 11/05/2014
Starring: Lucy Bell
The director of Fleshlydivas today direct Lucy Bell for AssPhilosophy. The action is more intense then usual but the visual effect is stately like every time. Lucy Bell looks amazing and she seams really into the anal action while Neeo is pumping her ass with his big cock. Facial cumshot at the end for close this great video!

AssPhilosophy Great Anal with Jenna Lovery
[AssPhilosophy] Great Anal with Jenna Lovery
Added 10/22/2014
Starring: Jenna Lovely
Do you know Jenna Lovely? If you dont, then this is the time to check her out. She loves anal, she really enjoys to be fucked deep in the ass and go get a lot of sperm in her face. In this video you will see her best way to enjoy a cock in all her holes!

AssPhilosophy Curvy and Curly for Anal Sex
[AssPhilosophy] Curvy and Curly for Anal Sex
Added 10/16/2014
Starring: Asia Morante
Today Franco introduce us Asia Morante. a curvy and curly italian brunette with a great attitude for anal sex. There are a lot of games with toys at the beginning for this busty young woman who really likes to be fucked. Very nice catch from Franco!

AssPhilosophy Big cock for Sofia
[AssPhilosophy] Big cock for Sofia
Added 10/08/2014
Starring: Sofia Cucci
We already appreciate Sofia in flashlydivas, now we can watch what she is able to do with a really big cock, the cock of Jan Scott. Sofia loves big cocks, specially when she can fill it pumping up in her asshole. Impressive anal action and good facial cumshot for a very happy Sofia.

AssPhilosophy Great Brunette gets Anal Sex
[AssPhilosophy] Great Brunette gets Anal Sex
Added 10/01/2014
Starring: Roxy Raggard
Here we are with this great scene with roxy Taggard. Roxy is a very pretty girl from Czech Republic. She is well known in the business because on the stage she perform every tive with great sensuality and a lot of passion. Today she did not disappoint the director getting a very interesting anal action and a good facial cumshot!

AssPhilosophy Busty skiny in Anal Sex
[AssPhilosophy] Busty skiny in Anal Sex
Added 09/24/2014
Starring: Anastasia Devine
If you like anal and big boobs, then this is your video. Anastasia loves anal and her tits are great, natural and big! This is another video from Mr. Serrano, the quality is high and the action really good. The stud knows very well what he is doing and there are no dubt about it! The facial sumshot is the cherry on the cake!

AssPhilosophy Niki gave her ass
[AssPhilosophy] Niki gave her ass
Added 09/17/2014
Starring: Niki Sweet
Franco today decided to fuck Niky Sweet, a very cute Czech Pornstar. We know very well Niky, she is hot and kinky and we understand very well why Franco decided to fuck her himself instead then call same stud. Niki is great like always and Franco know very well how to make her game and came before to fill her mouth with his sperm.

AssPhilosophy Great Anal with Morgan Moon
[AssPhilosophy] Great Anal with Morgan Moon
Added 09/10/2014
Starring: Morgan Moon
Today Franco introduces us Morgan Moon, and Neo its the actor. Morgan was really looking forward to test suck a big cock, and Neo is not the guy who doesn't like to fuck hard and deep, especially in the ass. The action is good and the anal is intense with a good final facial cumshot.

AssPhilosophy Good Anal with Tommy Steel
[AssPhilosophy] Good Anal with Tommy Steel
Added 08/27/2014
Starring: Tommy Steel
Today Franco presents us this wonderful Romanian pornstar. The outfits are perfect and the scene starts directly with very interesting stuff. Tommy knows very well what to do with the cock of Franco and from the deep throat to the anal action all works very good. Great facial cum-shots for the lovers of the sperm in the mouth.

Episode: AssPhilosophy Great Blond Milf gets Anal Sex
[AssPhilosophy] Great Blond Milf gets Anal Sex
Added 08/27/2014
Starring: La Toya Lopez
This girl is really new. She it at the first anal experience, so the action is not very intense bur really pleasant and interesting. We like to see such kind of milf explore new experiences and get pleasure from the first anal penetrations.

Episode: AssPhilosophy Nice Gaping Ass Ginevra Hollander
[AssPhilosophy] Nice Gaping Ass Ginevra Hollander
Added 08/20/2014
Starring: Ginevra Hollander
Ginevra Hollander is one Italian Pornstar pretty famous in Italy. She is well knows basically because she is really a kind of sex anumal.

Episode: AssPhilosophy Alessia Gets Ass Fucking
[AssPhilosophy] Alessia Gets Ass Fucking
Added 08/14/2014
Starring: Alessia Roma
Today Franco presents us Alessia Roma, a really pretty Italian pornstar. She is quite new, but she is already performing very well, specially in anal sex. The action is good and the ass fucking is intense, specially double the double penetration. Thumbs up for this girl!

Episode: AssPhilosophy Anal Action for Diana Glyss
[AssPhilosophy] Anal Action for Diana Glyss
Added 08/13/2014
Starring: Diana Glyss
Diana Glyss arrive on the stage for her anal session. bur Franco is still sleeping. this is the right way for wake up! Dyana is already sucking while Franco presents us this beauty. The intro is pretty funny, and then the action is just intense and focused specially on anal sex. Have fun!