Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77030 In Need of a Third
Release date: 2011.12.30
Starring: Alysa Gap, Little Rita
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77030 In Need of a Third

Naughty Alysa and her friend, Yura are playing billiard when Little Rita brings them some coffee. Alysa is not interested in caffeine, but much more intrigued about Rita herself. So she decides to pull the almond eyed cutie into some sensual games, which, as usual with the Queen of Buttsex, turns into a fantastic anal bonanza.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77029 Friend of the Queen
Release date: 2011.12.20
Starring: Lucie
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77029 Friend of the Queen

Lucie, as a good friend of the Anal Queen herself, can put her hands on a lot of fun when Alysa is busy. For instance, she can entertain (or get entertained by) the devoted fans of Alysa, horny males like Yura or Flynn. Lucie enjoys her position as much as the anal banging she gets from the two me. All in all, it is good to be Alysa's friend.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77028 DAP Queen
Release date: 2011.12.10
Starring: Alysa Gap
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77028 DAP Queen

Here's your chance to find out why Alysa Gap is called the "DAP Queen"! Yes indeed, that flexible asshole of hers deserves all your attention, so sit back, relax, grab your cock and start wanking as she's getting double-filled, DPed and Dapped! Some hot double anal penetration is awaiting for you in this scene, don't miss it out!

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77027 Fuck Me, Roxi!
Release date: 2011.11.30
Starring: Angellina, Roxina
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77027 Fuck Me, Roxi!

Fuck me, Roxi! cooed the horny little geek, Angellina, and her friend, Roxina obeyed. After some warm up, which involved a lot of wiggly tongues and slender fingers, Roxina strapped on their favorite red dildo, bent Angellina over and banged the geek girl's ass, rough like a man, making the sweet brunette cum like never before.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77026 Test Session
Release date: 2011.11.20
Starring: Kendra Star
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77026 Test Session

Kendra has an idea which she really wants to try, so she calls Yura over for a test. She wonders if Yura's big, warm cock or the high velocity fucking machine can cause more anal pleasure to her. She tries Yura first, then the machine, but she cannot decide. After taking numerous 'samples', she decides both feels good... good enough to turn this little test into some awkward DP session, involving man and machine alike.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77025 Daydream
Release date: 2011.11.11
Starring: Liona, Kendra Star
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77025 Daydream

Both Liona and Kenda daydream about another girl fucking them in their warm, tight holes. They dream about it quite often. Luckily for them, sometimes dreams come true (especially dreams like this come true if we have a chance to fulfill them), and the two girls can make every little dirty details happen.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77024 Cue and Balls
Release date: 2011.11.01
Starring: Romana
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77024 Cue and Balls

Margherita is a skilled pool player, probably because she practiced a lot with 'cue and balls'. How? She will demonstrate it for us on Yura and Jacko. Just look how she uses those slender hands, those lovely lips, and how she knows how to take full advantage of all of her holes to achieve victory... in this case, two nice load of cum.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77023 Make it Two
Release date: 2011.10.18
Starring: Alysa Gap, Miranda
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77023 Make it Two

Alysa, when horny, calls over one of her friends to fuck with her. She has her favorite ass dildos, ready for action. When Miranda arrives, they make out then Miranda reaches for the dildo and asks if Alysa wants this one in her asshole. Alysa smiles and replies Make it two. Soon both dildos are in Alysa's tight ass, fucking the brunette from orgasm to orgasm.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77022 The Nerd and the Slut
Release date: 2011.10.11
Starring: Valeria, Olena
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77022 The Nerd and the Slut

Olena is a nerd girl. More interested in computers than having parties or sex. Valeria, on the other hand, is a naughty slut. Sex, parties and having fun is everything for her. These two girls are roommates and Valeria cannot look anymore as Olena just sits in front of the notebook and chat. She decides she pulls the nerd girl into the kinky side of the life.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77021 Officially Kinky
Release date: 2011.09.27
Starring: Alysa Gap, Lisa
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77021 Officially Kinky

Who said that a workplace cannot be a scene of some kinky pleasures? Of course it has its own risk, but beautiful secretaries, Alysa and Lisa couldnt care less. A boring they can be turned into something really exciting with some anal teasing, and these naughty office ladies knows quite well how to satisfy another woman through her back entrance.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77020 Pleasure Ball
Release date: 2011.09.27
Starring: Megan, Hailey
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77020 Pleasure Ball

The two playful anal lovers, Megan and Hailey, had a very good idea for this afternoon and they were very keen to try it out. They wanted to try some anal games, involving their new toy, which they called their pleasure ball. It worked just fine for both of the girls, and after half an hour they were laying next to each other, satisfied and with tingling assholes.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77019 Fruit of the Ass
Release date: 2011.09.20
Starring: Alysa Gap, Devora
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77019 Fruit of the Ass

Devora and Alysa have a splendid bubble bath together and when we say splendid, we mean something really naughty. A bath cannot be boring with the mistress of anal plays, and she proves again, that she is still cannot be dethroned. The two girls pull out fruits from holes where the sun never shines and meanwhile they have a cuming good time.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77018 Apartment Ass Teasers
Release date: 2011.09.13
Starring: Malia, Lisa
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77018 Apartment Ass Teasers

Malia and Lisa are living in the same rental. They share the rent, their food and their free time, which they usually spend with mindless sex. These girls are far from unsatisfied, because they tend each others' cunts and asses so often, that one could wonder how do they find the time for anything else.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77017 My kitchen help
Release date: 2011.09.07
Starring: Alysa Gap, Valeria
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77017 My kitchen help

Alysa usually hates kitchen work. It is a lonely and boring burden to hold. But things turn to be totally different when somebody has a kitchen helper. Especially if that helper is as kinky and beautiful as Valeria. It takes no time for the girls to reform this whole kitchen job into something more kinky and more anal...

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77013 She Loves It From Behind
Release date: 2011.08.30
Starring: Alysa Gap, Nastie
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77013 She Loves It From Behind

Nastie knows that Alysa lives and dies for anal pleasuring. She learnt earlier how wet her friend turns and how hard she cums when someone bangs her sexy asshole. So Nastie decides to check out if she can make her orgasm even harder than before, using all kind of tools and her impressive skills to work Alysas bum over

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77009 Going All Blue
Release date: 2011.08.23
Starring: Alysa Gap, Paulina
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77009 Going All Blue]

Alysa and Paulina go all blue no, they wont go sad, simply they use the good old blue dildo which was serving them for so long to pleasure each other in numerous orgasms. Both girls know their way on each others body, but probably the dildo, which has visited their asses countless times, would know its own way into the girls body.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77008 Loca Lolly
Release date: 2011.08.16
Starring: Alysa Gap, Lolly Moon
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77008 Loca Lolly

Lolly Moon can be such a goof, and she pulls Alysa into the game. Dressed in funny clothes, they fool around together, but as it always happen around Alysa, things turn toward the kinky side of pleasure. This time Alysa is the one who pulls Lolly into her own entertainment, showing the girl the real meaning of lesbian anal love.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77006 Asshole Party
Release date: 2011.08.09
Starring: Gapolexa, Karen, Logan, Maryna
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77006 Asshole Party
Four girls, a lot of drinks and a few strap-on... that's the perfect recipe for a crazy all-girls anal-fucking bonanza. Alysa and her friends, Logan, Karen and Maryna tries out every possible positions and setup, and soon the room echoes with the pleasured moans of the four ladies. A stunning party, some gorgeous girl and a bunch of red dildos,... these are the anal-queen's offer for today.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77015 Friendly ASSistance
Release date: 2011.08.02
Starring: Lana, Karlie
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77015 Friendly ASSistance
If a girl is horny, and no lover around to satisfy her needs, it is very useful to have an open minded friend in reach, who doesnt mind to give a helping hand or tongue, maybe a dildo, in our case. Karlie and Lana are exactly that kind of friends, and luckily they share the love of anal pleasuring. All the sudden it turns to be a lovely afternoon.

Episode: AnalQueenAlysa v77005 Just a Call
Release date: 2011.07.26
Starring: Alysa Gap, Malia
[AnalQueenAlysa] v77005 Just a Call
It is just a call you need t have the best (or shall we say b-ass-t) anal service available. In her exotic red outfit, Malia is ready to fulfill Alysa's every wish. After mutually baring each others' body, the two girls warm up with some pussy licking, just to change the momentum and turn wild. With huge dildos in their ass the babes seem to be more in their element, and they won't even stop to a satisfying end.