NaughtyAlysha Thanksgiving Stuffing
[NaughtyAlysha] Thanksgiving Stuffing
Added 11/25/2013
Featuring: Alysha Morgan
Here in the U.S., it's that time of year to stuff ourselves full and start the holiday season. I have a different way to stuff myself, though, so I headed to the store and found some veggies to use on my stretched holes. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

NaughtyAlysha Play Time
[NaughtyAlysha] Play Time
Added 11/18/2013
Featuring: Alysha Morgan
I love my animals, and every time I go to the pet store I catch myself eyeing some of those toys that they play with. I'm always wondering, how would that toy feel in my pussy, or I wonder if I can get that toy in my ass. Well, never go shopping when you're horny, I guess, because I did, and this is what I came home with...

NaughtyAlysha It's a Hot Christmas!
[NaughtyAlysha] It's a Hot Christmas!
Featuring: Alysha Morgan
t's Christmas time! I love this time of year, but living in Florida, we never see snow, and it rarely even gets cold enough here to wear long sleeves. Christmas is usually a warm day here, but I decided to make it a little hotter, literally. I started...

NaughtyAlysha Cold and Hungry
[NaughtyAlysha] Cold and Hungry
Featuring: Alysha Morgan
Blonde fucks herself with an ice dildo, then stops for a burger on the way home to stuff herself with.