ep53 2010-11-01 Zuzana Z vs. The Fist of Fury
[FistingInAction] ep53 2010-11-01 Zuzana Z vs. The Fist of Fury
Zuzana Z. and Winnie
Zuzana Z is a sweet faced cutie who wants to take her porn experience to the next level by taking on Winnie's fist of action! This babe doesn't often get into such hardcore shenanigans, but as she watches the sun set over the beautiful city from the rooftop she realizes she just can't refuse a fist deep inside her hairy pussy anymore! This is something Zuzana has been dreaming about for a long time, and with Winnies fisting expertise she knows she's going to take it hard and deep in many positions! Of course, once Zuzana's pussy has been nice and stretched she takes it upon herself to keep the destruction going by busting the mega dildo out on herself! What a fucking fist freak!!

ep52 2010-10-18 Fisted In Her Fuck-Me Heels
[FistingInAction] ep52 2010-10-18 Fisted In Her Fuck-Me Heels
Fisting In Action is back in action with some more delicious fist-in-pussy violations!! Winnie is a fisting pro, and in this lesbo scene she's got herself a new fist victim with blonde streaked hair and those high heels that scream out fuck me! Only in this case, she's gonna get her pussy rocked with the almighty fist until both of these babes are nice and juicy! Of course we're not going to let the fun stop there - our favorite mega dildo is lying around and this fisting bitch knows exactly where it's going!! Hot and nasty, just the way it goes at Fisting In Action!!

ep51 2010-08-09 This Kitty Gets a Fisting Treat
Kitty Saliery and Winnie
[FistingInAction] ep51 2010-08-09 This Kitty Gets a Fisting Treat
Kitty Saliery and Winnie are definitely the kinds of chicks that are down for just about anything, and Kitty proves her pussy has nine lives in this lesbian fisting scene! Not every pussy can handle this level of stretching, but Kitty's been around the Tainster block and Winnie has mastered the fine art of fisting during her time at Fisting In Action, so Kitty's in good hands (er, fist...) and she gets off like the freak she is by the end of this fist fucking lesbo action! However, we did mention Kitty's a freak, right, so just when you thought it was over as Winnie pulls her fist out of Kitty's gaping pussy Kitty grabs a mammoth dildo and keeps the pussy pounding going! If you like it nice and hard, Fisting In Action is where you need to be!

ep50 2010-07-26 Fist Fucking In The Kitchen
[FistingInAction]  ep50 2010-07-26 Fist Fucking In The Kitchen
Winnie and Susan
Any chick who struts around the kitchen in latex and fetishy high-heels is no doubt a total freak, and as we expected this Eurobabe has no intention of doing any cooking! This blondie hops her ass up onto the counter and puts on a little show, but the main event comes when Winnie stops by with a smile on her face and a closed fist ready to penetrate! Winnie's no newbie to the fisting game, so she takes this freak on a wild fist ride, and makes sure that her pussy is stretched to the max and that she'll feel the power of the fist for days to come! FIA is lesbian fisting action at its finest!

ep49 2010-07-19 Lia Fisted Raw
Lia Raw and Rachel Dark
[FistingInAction] ep49 2010-07-19 Lia Fisted Raw
Lia Raw has come to face the wrath of the fist, and Rachel Dark is more than happy to ram her entire hand up into Lia's hairy pussy up to her gold bracelet! After Lia gives us a solo teaser peeling off her black panties and showing off some of her sexy body Rachel steps up with fist ready to penetrate, and Lia spreads her hairy pussy wide and sucks it up inside her pink. Lia makes sure to show off her ass as well while getting fisted, and that's a site to fest your eyes on! And, as is often the case with the extremely freaky chicks brought to you by FIA, just taking a fist isn't enough for Lia and afterward she has to keep going on her pussy hole with a huge dildo!

ep48 2010-06-28 Its a Nice Day For a White Fisting
Rachel Dark
[FistingInAction] ep48 2010-06-28 Its a Nice Day For a White Fisting
This may not have been what Billy Idol was going for when he was talking about a white wedding, but we happily present this Fisting In Action version with a bangin' bodied Eurobabe dressed in all white looking to take a fist all the way up her cootchie. With a smile on her face and a hearty thumbs up this babe takes a hard fist fucking in multiple positions from her blonde, tattooed friend, and as if that wasn't enough she even takes matters into her own hands by grabbing a monster dildo and finishing the job herself. FIA does fisting right!

ep47 2010-05-24 Rooftop Fisting
Petia and Winnie
[FistingInAction] ep47 2010-05-24 Rooftop Fisting
Dark haired beauty Petia gets a lot more than your run-of-the-mill heavy petting in this hardcore lesbian fisting scene, and with the backdrop of Prague behind her in this rooftop fun this scene is definitely something to take notice of! Of course it's much better to have a fisting partner, and as any Fisting In Action fans know the ultra kinky and fun-loving Winnie is always ready to take that role with a smile on her face. Petia's a skinny gal, but you'll be amazed at just how much her pussy spreads open as she first takes Winnie's entire fist and then an even larger intruder, our famous FIA monster dildo! This girl's in fisting ecstasy, and by the end of this bad boy you will be too!

ep46 2010-04-26 Vanessa's Fisted Vag
Vanessa and Winnie
[FistingInAction] ep46 2010-04-26 Vanessa's Fisted Vag
You may know Vanessa from a number of Orgymax scenes (and if you don't you better fucking get on that and check her out!), but today she's making her Fisting In Action debut with one of our professional in-house fisters, the always down-for-anything Orgymax babe Winnie. After a solo show, showing us her (soon to be violated) goods, Vanessa sits her pretty blonde self back on the couch and experiences what this whole fisting thing is all about - and yep, she takes the whole fist! Winnie's the expert here, so she leads Vanessa through some intense fisting in multiple positions, even getting an excited thumbs up from her subject while her pussy is gobbling that entire fist up. That's not all, however, because as any FIA fans out there know, the fist is just the warm-up before the monster dildo comes out and stretches those pussy walls even more! For the hottest lesbian fisting aroound, Fisting In Action is the place to be!

ep45 2010-04-12 A View To Die For
Kia Winston and Winnie
[FistingInAction] ep45 2010-04-12 A View To Die For
After giving us a great solo show with lots of pussy and ass spreading by the window on a lovely Prague day, Kia Winston takes what's coming to her as her fisting freak buddy, the well-known Winnie, comes up to the window and proceeds to inch her hands ways into her Kia's tight pussy. It doesn't take long for Kia to properly gobble up that fist like the freaky little whore she is, but she never knew just how much she would enjoy the experience! She also didn't know that Fisting In Action was going to present her with our favorite monster dildo, but Kia sits up on the windowsill and takes it like a pro! Nothing but true talent at Fisting In Action!

ep44 2010-04-05 Redhead Gets a Helping Hand
Benji and Teena
[FistingInAction] ep44 2010-04-05 Redhead Gets a Helping Hand
Benji , redhead from next door, has decided her time has come to visit one of Europe's most famous fisters, teeny Teena , because she has been fantasizing about it for so long and finally decided to take matters into her own hand - err, make that Teena 's hand! This au-natural chick is proud of her hairy cunt, and Teena always loves sliding her hand deep into the sexy unknown of a beautiful bush. Benji has come dressed (only) in a sexy corset to emphasize her kinky mood on this day, and as if taking a Eurobabe fist in several positions isn't enough she then takes a huge dildo and rams it into her now well-stretched pussy! For fans of hardcore lesbo alterna-action, look no further than Fisting In Action, where we definitely take matters into our own hands!