MegaPussyLips Bryana's Training To Get Her Pussy In Perfect Shape
[MegaPussyLips] Bryana's Training To Get Her Pussy In Perfect Shape
Starring: Bryana
Some novice porn fans avoid pussy pumps because they think that while Bryana is having her vagina plumped up by a pump she is not available for fucking. However, the expert porn fans think deeper than that and look at her asshole as a perfect opening for their affections during all of her pumping time. Here you can see Bryana straining to get her pussy in perfect shape for fucking while the cameraman pokes her asshole with his fingers and uses a huge plug-in vibrator to stimulate her ass at the same time. It's an older pump so you can hear it squeaking while it does its work... or maybe that's Bryana's pussy you can hear squeaking inside it!

MegaPussyLips Barbara Blows Up Her Pussy
[MegaPussyLips] Barbara Blows Up Her Pussy
Starring: Barbara
Barbara is a pretty girl to begin with but every pussy pump fan knows she can always make herself even more attractive by blowing up her pussy with the industrial superpump until her pink lips are thick and fully engorged for fucking! Barbara loves the extra tightness that she feels when her pumped pussy get a big cock stuffed inside it, it's so much more sensitive once her labia are fully inflated and her clit is as large as a brand new pencil eraser. The cum facial finish is the perfect way to end her day!

MegaPussyLips Electra Angels
[MegaPussyLips] Electra Angels
Starring: Electra Angels
Electra Angels is a horny redhead that sure does justice to the horniest hair color out there. A fling is her middle name and once she can engage in some wild undercover fuck session on a bathroom shes all over it. Taking care of a hard cock is only natural for her so she cant wait till the jeans unleash a studly manrod and she can get down to business. Sucking a cock shes about to unleash even more kink as theres a pussy pump ready to pump up her pussy lips into gigantic proportions. Once shes all super sensitive she takes some major fucking including a wild dp when she gets a dick up her ass and a dildo up her pussy. If you like it raw and kinky enjoy Electra Angels.

MegaPussyLips Sofia Gadget Has A Big Swollen Pussy
[MegaPussyLips] Sofia Gadget Has A Big Swollen Pussy
Starring: Sofia Gadget
Sofia loves the way her pussy feels after it has been pumped up but hates the process required to get there. For this blonde cocksocket it's a love-hate relationship with sexual devices but she knows she can't enjoy the feeling of having a dick up her ass and a pump on her pussy at the same time, if she isn't willing to endure the sexual discomfort of allowing the pump to reach maximum suction!

For whores like Sofia the tradeoff is easiest to solve by focusing on what her male friends want from her... if she keeps them happy she knows her swollen pussy will always be cared for well in return.

MegaPussyLips Pushing your dick into Eva's snatch
[MegaPussyLips] Pushing your dick into Eva's snatch
Starring: Eva Sunshine
This Mega Pussy Lips video is perfect for fans who enjoy seeing before and after looks at their favorite ladies. Eva Sunshine has been practicing and you can tell because her pussy is extra pink even at the start of the scene, but with the help of our most popular pussy pump Eva is able to expand her vagina and plump up her pussy lips to the point where her swollen snatch is begging your eyes to stare at it and pleading with your penis for a nice hard fucking!
Pushing your dick into Eva's snatch after she is fully pumped up is a soft sheath for your to sleeve your flesh-sword in and a perfect place to keep your cock while you sleep. Sleeping while your dick is inside Eva's inflated pussy is also cause of pleasant dreams!

MegaPussyLips Monica Has Mega Pussy Lips To Expose
[MegaPussyLips] Monica Has Mega Pussy Lips To Expose
Starring: Monika
When attaching a pussy pump to a girl you need to pay attention to the angle of her vagina so that you can always get the maximum amount of suction without any loose air escaping from the vacuum pump. Monika has a bit of a tilt to her pussy and that makes attaching the pump from behind the best option. Watch the way the pump hangs onto her cunt and stays firm as she bends over the orange couch and smiles. When the pump comes off and her Mega Pussy Lips are exposed, she loves letting a complete stranger poke her twat with his toys or stick his dick inside her for a while. For Monika, the less she knows the guy fucking her, the more fun it is to have sex with him!

MegaPussyLips Karla's Cunt Is Much More Important Than The Rest
[MegaPussyLips] Karla's Cunt Is Much More Important Than The Rest
Starring: Karla
Karla took almost two hours to get ready in her dressing room. She put on fancy lingerie and carefully applied her makeup to her face - it seems she did not know that her pussy was really all that matters to us. Once the pump is attached and her labia become flooded with fluids, that swollen snatch remains the focus of our camera work because her cunt is much more important than the rest of her body could ever become. Notice her fancy makeup gets smudged and her lingerie gets stretched, maybe she will learn and next time she will get ready quickly to show up completely naked with her cunt and asshole ready to be used. Whores should all be aware that men do not like to be kept waiting for pussy!

MegaPussyLips Sandra Black A Pumped Up Whore
[MegaPussyLips] Sandra Black A Pumped Up Whore
Starring: Sandra Black
Sandra takes her first steps into the depths of the engine room and oils the stairs with her warm piss, which gushes out of her pumped and shaved cunt. Moaning, she pumps her pussy some more before succumbing to a hard and brutal face fuck! She struggles to breath as three fingers make her heave as they too are shoved into Sandra's mouth. She impales her tight arse onto the thick cock, her spit acting as lube as it stretches her ring. She then submits to another round of severe throat fucking her mouth getting a better workout than Listerine! Her pussy is then subject to another bout of extreme pumping whilst her arse is bludgeoned with a huge black dong! Sandra is a nasty fuck whore cum and see her pain!

MegaPussyLips Luna Is Covered In Oil And Her Pussy Squeezed & Fingered
[MegaPussyLips] Luna Is Covered In Oil And Her Pussy Squeezed & Fingered
Starring: Luna
Luna has a grotesquely oversized pussy from which she sprays an arc of warm piss. But trying her hand at Sergeant At Arms backfires as she succumbs to a full-on attack on her gullet. Listen to her gasp for breath as she suffocates taking in air when she can! Weak from lack of oxygen, she is covered in oil and her pussy squeezed and fingered hard! Upended, Luna's arse is bludgeoned with hard cock making her scream out load before she is forced A2M and spat on! Nasty! Her suffering doesnt end there as she is arse raped with a dildo and another filling her mouth snot and spit expelling from her as she struggles against her assailant! Covered in dirt, spunk and spit, Luna is finally discarded!

MegaPussyLips Leonie Attached The Pussy Pump To Her Clit
[MegaPussyLips] Leonie Attached The Pussy Pump To Her Clit
Starring: Leoni
Leonie is an anal whore who wants to gag on a thick, hard cock! She gets her wish as a throbbing boner assaults her throat! Her pussy is pumped up to resemble a hot-dog bun and is slapped and fingered before she gags, once again a brutal cock! Bent over, Leonie's arse is assaulted with a dildo which she then cleans with her tongue lapping like a kitten at her dripping arse juice! Going reverse cowgirl, she impales her spit-lubed arse on the upright boner and after another sesh of larynx stopping deep-throat, an oiled up Leonie imbibes a black dong before it is forced up her gaping dirtbox. Another bout of anal violation sees her moaning like a whore before she receives a DP of hard latex! It's an unrelenting onslaught!

MegaPussyLips Patricia Paris Looks Even Better Once The Pussy Pump Is Attached
[MegaPussyLips] Patricia Paris Looks Even Better Once The Pussy Pump Is Attached
Starring: Patricia Paris
Patricia Paris loves to roleplay. BDSM, School Girl, Office Sex, or Military fucking like she did today. She looks great in her uniform with a short skirt and green beret but she looks even better once the pussy pump is attached to her plump vagina. We filmed this video on a very hot day outside so her pussy started to sweat and the moisture built up along the edges of the pump to create an even strong seal which means more pressure and an even bigger effect. Look how HUGE her Mega Pussy Lips become and remember to watch it again any time you want to see the biggest plump pussy in action and plenty of roleplay reality sex as well!

MegaPussyLips Vaginal Pussy Pump For Carmen Collins
[MegaPussyLips] Vaginal Pussy Pump For Carmen Collins
Starring: Carmen Collins
Carmen Collins is a filthy whore. It's true that most porn girls are sluts, but few have ever been fucked by more men than Carmen Collins has been in the last few years. Dozens of men have gangbanged her, plenty of strangers have fucked her in clubs and bars and parking lots - she has fucked just about every friend she has and she used to have a big sign on her apartment door that said 'Knock Loud If You Want To Fuck Me!' So, how do you get a jaded whore like Carmen to be really excited about sex as if she was a virgin all over again? Pussy pumps are an excellent way! With her vagina plump her nipples pinched by suction cups Carmen is able to focus on fucking the way she used to... before hundreds of men had a chance to use her pussy, mouth and asshole as a set of practice holes!

MegaPussyLips A Big Swollen Pussy For Chloe
[MegaPussyLips] A Big Swollen Pussy For Chloe
Starring: Chloe
Want a thick and throbbing cock? Well just add a penis pump and watch it grow! And this dirty cunt can't wait to stick that fat cock as far down her throat as she can. Listen as she gags on his this weapon awesome! Now it's time to pump her pussy and once it's bulging and distended, add a mini pump to coax her sphincter from its burrow - matching her snatch for deformity. With everything inflated and pulsing, it's time for a hard arse fucking! She moans like a whore as her cunt throbs whilst her arse is split and with a speculum inserted into her swollen pussy, she chokes some more on forced cock down her throat before being rewarded with a splattering of warm spunk!

MegaPussyLips Monica Lion Show Her Mega Pussy Lips
[MegaPussyLips] Monica Lion Show Her Mega Pussy Lips
Starring: Monica Lion
Monica Lion used to work at a strip club as a cocktail waitress but she would never get naked. It wasn't that she was shy, it was that she was married to a very jealous husband. Now she is divorced and she thinks the best way to get back at her husband for cheating on her is to make porn movies where the whole world can see her getting fucked hardcore in ways that he never got to use her body. Her ice blue eyes are amazing to watch as her Mega Pussy Lips get fucked hard from behind. They scream as she creams and before she has finished cumming you can see that she is already thinking about the next time she can get in front of the camera with a big dick costar pumping her out for the public. She did ask us for a copy of this video... maybe she planned to mail it to her exhusband?!

MegaPussyLips Sandra`s Pussy Gets Blown Up Like A Balloon!
[MegaPussyLips] Sandra`s Pussy Gets Blown Up Like A Balloon!
Starring: Sandra
It's usual for the guy to bring his gal flowers, but this horny fella brings his babe a pussy pump and even helps her with it. He squeezes her swollen lips together whilst she plays with her pumped up nipples. Her distended labia turns her man on so much that he soon got his rock hard cock entombed deep down her gullet! This dark haired cock hungry bitch cant get enough of his boner down her throat so much so that she chokes and gags! Pumping her cunt even more so that her lips are distended and swollen, she then impales her tight arsehole onto his upright cock her bloated cunt inflated like a disfigured balloon glistening with chick jizz as she pumps her arse down onto his weapon! It's nasty just how we like it!

Michel Channson Attaches The Pump To Her Bald Cunt
[MegaPussyLips] Michel Channson Attaches The Pump To Her Bald Cunt
Starring: Michel Channson
Making coffee should be a simple task, but when you find a pussy pump you just gotta try it out! This dirty brunette strips off and, sitting on the kitchen counter, attaches the pump to her bald cunt. All that pressure gets her hot, and when her fella appears, her pumped up pussy will soon be full of thick, hot cock but first a gagging, deep-throated blowjob is the order of the day! He face fucks his dirty fuck slut, making her choke before distending her cunt with another pump. She drags on his cock again before positioning his hard cock at the entrance of her arse and pushes down her disfigured and bloated pussy glistening as she pushes his man-meat deep into her anal canal. This is hardcore fucking at its best!