HouseOfTaboo - Nectar of the Nymph


HouseOfTaboo - Nectar of the Nymph
HouseOfTaboo - Nectar of the Nymph
Kiara Lord
November 04 2014
Nectar of the Nymph
Come with us on a journey into never-before-seen erotic strangeness with this bizarre depiction of pretty and naked Hungarian nymph Kiara Lord in a cage her legs positioned by bars and her shaved pussy positioned so that she can pee into metal strainers which will then filter her urine into a pan on the floor.
We have deliberately left ambiguous our description and analysis of this situation so you can attach your own storyline to it. What dear sir will happen to Kiara's pee? Shall it be processed into a healthful drink or some new form of party time thirst quencher? And who is supervising this entire process? A kinky lover a far-sighted industrialist or a groundbreaking scientist?
One thing is for certain: judging by her big smile in this fetish XXX video Kiara is enjoying the whole unusual process of pissing for us in this manner!

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