HouseOfTaboo - The Diabolic Device


HouseOfTaboo - The Diabolic Device
HouseOfTaboo - The Diabolic Device
October 25 2014
The Diabolic Device
In today's roleplay Gina's in chains torn stockings and at the mercy of an master.
She feels her mouth filled by a dildo device attached to a drill a diabolical invention of his.
With his strong hand he urges her onto her back on the couch so he can squeeze her shaved pussy mound with his pitiless fingers.
He crams her snatch with his digits and then when he pulls them out makes her lick up her own juices from them.
“On your knees!” he tells her and then boffs her pussy and ass with his fingers.
“Now lube my dildo drill!” he orders sticking the toy into her mouth then transferring it to her snatch.
“It's too much...too much...too much fucking perverted pleasure!!!” her mind cries out silently in her brain even as he moves the drill over to her ANUS...
Then when he's done banging her back door with the toy he puts the drill cock into her mouth for the final touch. See it all in a fetish XXX extreme sex Full HD BDSM video!

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