HouseOfTaboo - Girl on a Leash


HouseOfTaboo - Girl on a Leash
HouseOfTaboo - Girl on a Leash
Kathia Nobili & Lana
October 07 2014
Girl on a Leash
Kathia Nobili plays the mistress and Lana plays her slave--or shall we say “pet”?--in today's scenario. Keeping Lana on a leash and in a muzzle not to mention with a little black-thonged tail-plug stuck in her cheeks Mistress Kathia puts her subbie through her paces feeding her treats through the muzzle threatening to make her drink water out of a bowl on the floor and smacking her butt with a riding crop and her bare hand.
Finally the muzzle comes off--but not before its usefulness as a masturbation aid for mistress has been sampled--and then Lana is tied to the couch with rope face-sat by her goddess and then banged in her shaved pussy with a big black dong. But it seems that mistress has a butt-plug of her own inside her booty and Lana has to remove it with her mouth.
Explore this new Full HD BDSM lesbian bondage scene and see all the intricate details of this mistress-slave interaction as Kathia and Lana demonstrate that the kinky rules are flexible when it comes to extreme sex pleasures and intense fetish play can still be all in fun!

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