HouseOfTaboo - Fun with a Funnel


HouseOfTaboo - Fun with a Funnel
HouseOfTaboo - Fun with a Funnel
Wendy Moon
September 13 2014
Fun with a Funnel
Everybody should have a “party piece.” That's defined as something that people always do when they're asked to do contribute an entertaining or unusual bit to an evening's festivities.
It can be a song a dance a series of jokes...or it can be having yourself stripped naked with your wrists and ankles bound and placed upside down in a doorway with a funnel stuck in your lips so that you can try to see how much pee you can aim into your own mouth.
It's suspenseful for the other guests because if they're inclined to wager they can bet on how many times the urine actually reaches and spirals down the funnel.
True party pieces have evolved with society. Yesterday's soulful rendition of “Beautiful Dreamer” has become today's exercise in extreme sex behavior. But just remember as Wendy Moon here does that you have to be in the properly uninhibited social circles to be able to perform The Funnel Trick!
Contemplate the pissing possibilities of this up-to-date party piece in a fetish XXX video in Full HD!

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