HouseOfTaboo - Their Total Plaything


HouseOfTaboo - Their Total Plaything
HouseOfTaboo - Their Total Plaything
Akasha Cullen
August 30 2014
Their Total Plaything
In today's roleplay Nick Lang comes home from work but instead of putting up his feet on a coffee table rests them on his slave Akasha Cullen who is naked bound and gagged under a blanket. Nick invites over his friend Antonio Ross so they can have fun together with the slave.
Antonio really gets into spanking Akasha who is held helplessly in the grasp of these masterful men.
Nick and Antonio squeeze her nostrils so that she will feel total submission as she sucks their cocks in this Full HD BDSM episode. They loosen her bonds somewhat so her naked body will be more easily arranged for the further insertions that will follow on the couch. It all leads to a double penetration as they cram her in both her shaved pussy and available asshole.
But even after getting spermed by Nick on her ball-gag and then by Antonio in her open mouth Akasha's treatment is still not over. Antonio has another liquid he is going to share with her and he leads her into another room to anoint her with its golden spray. You'll be startled by the intensity of all the extreme sex in this fetish XXX video.

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