HouseOfTaboo - Sauna Captivity


HouseOfTaboo - Sauna Captivity
HouseOfTaboo - Sauna Captivity
Jasmine Rouge & Aurelly Rebel
August 26 2014
Sauna Captivity
Aurelly Rebel and blond Jasmine Rouge are relaxing in the sauna when suddenly Jasmine knocks out Aurelly with a strangely aromatic soaked rag. Aurelly wakes up bound and gagged in harsh light and instead of a white towel Jasmine is in the spiky gear and high heels of a dominatrix.
Aurelly struggles against her rope-restrained wrists and ankles but it is useless. Mistress Jasmine has her under control and she disciplines her slave by spanking her butt with the wooden sauna ladle. She also crams it into Aurelly's asshole while tugging on the hapless girl's pussy lips.
The perversion ramps up in its intensity and fear crosses Aurelly's face as Mistress Jasmine shows no mercy whether stuffing the handle of the ladle in Aurelly's mouth or sitting on her captive face. How can it all end? See this fetish XXX video and pics packed with lesbian bondage and Full HD BDSM to find out!

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