[RoxyRaye] A Proper Introduction

[RoxyRaye] A Proper Introduction
Intro - I want to thank you for coming to my site. There are a variety of naughty things that fit most niches on my site (if not, members, dont be afraid to email me your request for a certain fetish). I have been anticipating my site for a very long time and I'm so glad that it is FINALLY here for me to share with you.
Who Am I? I definitely wouldn't consider myself to be your average girl next door. When you come to my site what you see is what you get. Everything here is real like I am outside of the site as well. I'm a very relaxed person, kind of a tom boy in certain aspects. I like to be funny and goofy a lot of the time. I try not to take life too seriously, I hate drama, shit talkers and anyone that tries to bring others down by their insecurities. I enjoy others that have an open mind like myself, not just including sex but just respecting others views on life itself.
How Long Have I been doing this? I became a web cam girl over 2 years ago and wanted to set up and place where It could be about me with less restrictions, so finally I have my own site!
Why do I do this? Ever since I was very young I explored my body in different types of ways, like many young kids probably do. Once I found out how to achieve my first orgasm I couldn't get enough. The past 4 years I talked about wanting a place where I could be sexually "free" and do whatever I wanted, if people enjoyed what I was doing, great, if not, I would still masturbate my way, lol. I do get very turned on by people watching me and getting off to me. I also enjoy doing this because I am my own boss, I make my own schedule to come see you, which helps with my full time school schedule.
Turn ons - Take a look into the members section and you will see my hardcore fetishes. Things I will include on my site: Anal, Dp, Fisting, Strange insertions/Large toys, ATM, Squirting, Deep throating/Gagging, Girl/Girl, Solo, Pissing, Roleplaying, Feet, Pantyhose, Some Bondage, Dressing up, Transsexual women and some Boy/Girl scenes too!
Hobbies - As geeky as this sounds, I love to learn new things and new view points, learning is fun. I love sports, particularly baseball, Go Rays! Other things I enjoy doing: Golfing, reading, cooking, spending time with my family, snuggling with my bunny, fishing, boating, video games, working out and dancing.
Tattoos - I have one tattoo as of right now, it says "strength to fight" on the back of my neck, which represents the struggle I've had to deal with on a day to day basis with my chronic disease, Lupus. Sometimes it reminds me to just push myself even when times get bad.
Piercings - Ears, Nipple, Navel
Ass Questions - People ask questions relating to my ass all the time so I figured I would answer some so I don't have to keep answering the same ones :) How am I able to use such large toys in my ass? It took a lot of ass play with different size toys. It really turned me on feeling my ass stretch open, being able to gape and stretch it. To me it was kind of a sexual game I played with myself and others to see if I could get a little bigger each time. Do you ever get that feeling when you get out of bed and stretch your self out for the day? that is the kind of satisfaction this gives me times 10, Its that wonderful "morning stretch". Roxy, does your ass go back to normal or does it stay "loose"? No, the ass is like any other muscle in your body, it always goes back to normal tightness, if it didn't, I wouldn't shove anything up there. Who would want to walk around with a loose ass all the time? Not me, hehe.

Hey there! I'm Roxy Raye, a young, extreme girl from Florida who likes to have a good time while getting as extreme as I can. You guys are in for a real treat, as you'll see some of the nastiest (and sexiest) content anywhere on the internet... right here! From gaping my asshole wide open to listening to the gagging sounds as the camera gets real close as I deep throat a big dildo, from using large dildos on myself to fisting my asshole and pretty pink pussy, you'll get it all here! Odd objects, prolapsing, squirting & lots more are all right here!

RoxyRaye A Proper Introduction
Added 09/02/2010

Welcome to my brand new site, and the very first update for you guys! I didn't want to start off my site really lame, so I decided to jump in with both feet, sort of. I actually jumped in with my fist deep in my ass, along with some big toys in my butt and lots of gaping. Thanks...



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