[RoxyRaye] Long Toy Tanning

RoxyRaye Long Toy Tanning
Added 12/29/2011
[RoxyRaye] Long Toy Tanning
Featuring: Roxy Raye
Every time I lay in the tanning bed naked I always get the urge to stick my fingers in my pussy and at least rub my clit a little. I've never done any full on action in the tanning bed, until today. I brought a bag of several long dildos in it and got to work on my ass and pussy when the tanning bed started. I slid long 10-14 inch dildos deep inside my ass until they were completely sucked all the way inside me. I couldn't forget my wet pussy either. I brought a nice big toy out for my pussy that made my pussy squirt all in the tanning bed. I was basically cooking in the bed with my squirt juice all over the place. I was so turned on you can see how sweaty and satisfied I was at the end of the video.

NOTE: Due to most of all cameras being sensitive to UV light,. there are fading black lines that are created from any minor shadow which I wasn't able to control in this one. After all, when doing unexpected public videos, you never know what your going to get. Next time you go tanning just think.. there might be a girl fucking her holes in the next bed over. hehehe :-)



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