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You're gonna wish you were a god damned lollipop. Morgan Lee is a filthy Asian slut and gets her holes ready with the help of a massive cock-pop. That rainbow confectionery treat makes it's way into some wet, tight places but it's just not enough for her. She begs to suck your big cock. "I promise it'll feel so good..." Well, no shit! Then she tells you that she can't wait until it's in her ass. Goddamn, girl. No surprises isn't always a bad thing. That pretty mouth of hers isn't just good at taking some girthy meat but she talks filthy with that thing too. She asks for you to fuck her harder after being choked out and looking right into your eyes, like a good girl. Her pussy is built to stretch and - lucky for you - so is her tight little butthole. Take a good, hard look at that cock inching its way into her asshole, and she needs it "nice and slow" at first... a tiny treat like Morgan Lee wants to feel every bit as it glides inside her and warms her up before she gets her ass fucked just as hard as her pussy and mouth have taken it. She gets on top and she bends over and she loves it every single way she can get it - as long as she's getting fucked, she's a happy little whore that earns every drop of milk from that massive machine.
Manuels Fucking POV #4
Manuel Ferrara, Morgan Lee
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