FisterTwister - Lesbian Anal


 FisterTwister - Lesbian Anal
Featuring: Danielle (fisted), Rebeca (fister)
Released on: Oct 1, 2020

In this week's update we bring you a bonus scene from Simply Anal. Stunning babes Danielle and Rebeca are ready to have some fun together! These hot blondes kiss and undress each other. After Rebeca helps Daniells out of her outfit, Rebeca bends over in a doggystyle position while Danielle rims her tight ass. She puts her fingers in Rebeca's mouth and gets her to taste her own ass.
Rebeca returns the favour and rims Danielle's ass, enjoying the taste of her juices on her tongue. Using love eggs, Rebeca teases Danielle by getting her to lick it and then inserts it into her ass slowly, one egg at a time. Rebeca gets her turn with the same sex toy and we zoom in really close as it is inserted and is pulled out of her ass. This lesbian anal play scene continues as they move onto a glass dildo which they enjoy using and Rebeca masturbates furiously as she is ass fucked hard by Danielle.
Both girls enjoy orgasms during their anal play which makes for a very horny lesbian anal scene!
FisterTwister - Lesbian Anal
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