PeeOnHer - The Intern


PeeOnHer - The Intern
It's the first day on the job for Vinna Reed and she is already demonstrating just how ambitious she can be. Set on success, she arrives at the office ready to show off her concept to her new boss. Making her wait while he finishes his conversation on the phone makes Vinna a little more driven. She's not ready to be kept waiting, and she makes an abrupt choice that makes her boss realize that maybe his call can wait. He's in for a surprise as his sexy assistant gets bolder by the second, first revealing that she may have forgotten an important piece from her wardrobe, and then ruling it out as an accident. She climbs to his desk and spreads her legs open, moving to phase two of her plan. As Vinna begins pussy pissing, he is perplexed as to how she has tapped into one of his innermost desires. He licks her pussy and Vinna kneels on the floor to suck his cock once she has stripped naked. She takes his golden showers and their piss fuck continues as Vinna masturbates while getting her pussy pounded. They exchange even more golden showers and Vinna takes pee on tits before she pees into a glass bowl and her boss pours it over her head!
Vinna Reed
Blowjob,Boy Girl pissing,Close pink,Crazy,Diving,Piss drinking,Pissing in mouth,Pussy Wash,Squirting,
Full movie length 33 min 13 sec
Published 26th August 2018
PeeOnHer - The Intern
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