PeeOnHer - The Teacher


PeeOnHer - The Teacher
The youthful Milana is taking some accordion lessons. When she gets the urge to take a piss, she doesn't bother to get up from her chair. Her instructor is more interested in Milana's wet pants than continuing with his tutoring. He pisses all over her ass and purple top, transforming it to a dark purple color. Milana proceeds to a customary oral job. Once her instructor has a full erection, Milana kneels onto the chair, pussy pissing and overflowing a tea cup with her piss. Milana takes a few drinks and remains on the chair where she takes her oral skills to even greater heights. She gets pissed on her face and piss in mouth - her makeup running down her eyes as the golden juices are squeezed out of her purple top. Now the action shifts to intense anal sex. Milana pees again, holding herself above her partner and then with the dick still in her ass. Before the end, Milana gets peed in her ass several times, pushing her sexual limits to the max. Milana relaxes to pee again, and things quickly resume to a hectic pace. Closing things off, Milana is at ease for the finale. She lifts one leg up in the air, pissing on her partner before sitting on his lap for one more piss shower from him in this hd pissing scene.
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Full movie length 36 min 29 sec
Published 1st July 2018
PeeOnHer - The Teacher
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