PeeOnHer - Thirsty Evening


PeeOnHer - Thirsty Evening
Reading a newspaper can be a bit stale, especially when there is an attractive female at the other end of the table. It's even more difficult to concentrate when she's sipping a beverage and flirtatiously staring you down. Karina isn't content with just flirting, so she tosses out the liquid from her glass, gets up on her feet, and pulls up her skirt. As if that weren't enough to distract a guy from his paper, Karina boldly raises her leg and starts pussy pissing in her glass. She's much more concerned with pissing on the table, partially filling up the glass before drenching the table top. Her boyfriend is no longer focused on the paper, watching attentively. Taking a cue from Karina, he tosses his newspaper aside and decides to piss in mouth shortly after. Karina takes it easy for a while while working in some special moments like sucking and pissing at the same time. She gradually gains more and more momentum, finding the most eccentric positions with one of her legs going up in the air in some sort of fashion without any sort of difficulty in this seriously hot pissing porno.
Karina Grand
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Full movie length 35 min 7 sec
Published 17th June 2018
PeeOnHer - Thirsty Evening
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