[FistingInAction] ep10 2008-10-24 Deep Inside

ep10 2008-10-24 Deep Inside
Euphoria and Juliana Grandi
[FistingInAction] ep10 2008-10-24 Deep Inside
In this exclusive Fisting in Action feature, a saucy little chick named Euphoria gets turned inside out. She starts out looking like everyone's fantasy fuck from next door ' tight jean shorts and a white top, slutty high heels that add a few inches to this cute little girl's height. The clothes soon come off, though, allowing us a nice glance at her snatch, which is hairless and smooth. Her girlfriend comes over and sinks her fist into that delicious cunt cake, burying half of her forearm in this lovely girl's crotch, finally causing her to have the sort of euphoric, unbe-fucking-lievable orgasm that is her namesake. Only on Fisting in Action!


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