[Roxy Raye] Sinful Nun

Roxy Raye Sinful Nun
Added 11/01/2012
[Roxy Raye] Sinful Nun
Featuring: Roxy Raye
Happy Halloween to all my members! I picked out many outfits this year and will be sporting some others in the few weeks. This week for Halloween, I dressed up and played a naughty nun that has been very, very unholy lately. The only way for me to become pure again was for me to repent by stretching my holes back open to holy wide and fuck that sin out of me. I wasn't your average nun of course, I had a few toys laying around waiting for me to use. I took one of my crosses and used it to tickle the inside of my ass. I felt like I couldn't be forgiven until I fucked myself with something much longer to cleanse me deep in the body. I took out my long 12" cock and sat all the way down on it, riding it deep in my ass. I made sure to suck off any anal juices like a good nun should. I fucked my Virgin Mary statue and my prayer hands statue, all while spanking my sinful ass with the bible and cross. I finished off by fucking myself as hard as I could with my Jackhammer Jesus dildo and couldn't help to expel my holy water juices on the bible. After that, I feel like I'm pure again and I've fucked all those sinful thoughts away. Hope you guys enjoy the Halloween update this week. More costume themes to come :-)





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