[Roxy Raye] Want Ice Cream? Please Me First!

Roxy Raye Want Ice Cream? Please Me First!
Added 11/15/2012
[Roxy Raye] Want Ice Cream? Please Me First!
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Angie Noir
My girlfriend Angie came over for a little sleep over action. We ended up getting into a fight earlier that day because I found out she lied to me about some pretty serious stuff. She told me she was hungry so we headed to the kitchen to check out what was in the refrigerator. She was craving ice cream, so I pulled out a couple bars of chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Since she betrayed me earlier that day, I knew that if she wanted ice cream that bad, she needed to work for it. I took one of the sandwiches out and threw it on the ground and told her to stick her head down there and clean it up. It's been awhile since I had my feet pleased so I stuck my feet all in the ice cream sandwich that was on my dirty kitchen floor and made her lick it off my toes. I still wasn't satisfied with her licking so I grabbed a dildo, stuck some ice cream on the tip and made her lick it clean as well. Since I had chocolate all over my feet, I rubbed my dirty feet all over the suction cup dildo and had her do the same with hers. I wanted her to not only taste my feet but her own. She didn't clean my feet to a tee so I ended up shoving my dirty foot in her pussy and fucking the shit out of her to clean it off good. I had her do the same to me but she wasn't fucking me hard enough so I took her foot and used it in my own pussy. I used her foot to fuck my pussy hard, fast and deep until I exploded a good squirt all over her feet. We ended up sharing the squirt juice that covered her foot and called it a night. I think after all that, she deserved an untouched ice cream sandwich. I hope my foot fetish members enjoy this one ;-)





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