[Roxy Raye] Oktoberfest Schlampe

Roxy Raye Oktoberfest Schlampe
Added 10/24/2013
[Roxy Raye] Oktoberfest Schlampe
Featuring: Roxy Raye
Since I wasn't able to go to Germany this year and check out Oktoberfest, I decided to make my own little celebration of pumpkins, squashes and beer, of course. I used some wild looking, curvy pumpkins and you are able to see my asshole stretch around them slowly as I push them in and out. I didn't want to just celebrate and drink beer for you guys, I thought it would be better if I used my funnel to cleanse my hole out with a little brew. So, with a little beer enema and fucking myself with a variation of beer cans, I would say I enjoyed myself! :-)





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