[Roxy Raye] Lust Me, Foot Me, Fist Me

Roxy Raye Lust Me, Foot Me, Fist Me
Added 11/14/2013
[Roxy Raye] Lust Me, Foot Me, Fist Me
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Cleo
My new friend Cleo came over for the first time. We never had a chance before to experience each other, but finally it happened. Being very attracted to Cleo, I slowly caress, kiss her and undress her tightly knitted corset. I've been getting more into feet lately and thought hers were so sexy, so I made sure to sniff, lick and suck on them gently. Working my way down to her pussy and then her ass, working her up and getting her horny. Her pussy was getting so creamy when I stuck my tongue in her tight asshole. Of course, you guys know me.. She was too pretty, I had to see her nasty side. I took her hand and had her slide it inside my ass, working it up for something else I had in mind. After my ass was stretched a bit, I laid her down, took her foot and had a fun ride bouncy up and down in my asshole. I start fingering her, making her cum with her foot still inside of me. As I was bouncing my asshole on her foot, I could literally feel her toes curling inside, especially when I her pussy had an orgasm. Her little toes curling inside of me is what really did it for me.





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