[Roxy Raye] Jail Break Torture

Roxy Raye Jail Break Torture
Added 12/05/2013
[Roxy Raye] Jail Break Torture
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Dirty Garden Girl
Slutty Jail MILF, Donna Flower was originally put in jail for being a street hooker, but decided to escape my wing of the jail. No one should ever attempt to escape jail from me, or punishment will be ensued. I had Donna locked up in a spreader bar and ball gag then brought her to my own home to give her my torture. I promised her that if she followed my commands that I might not tell the warden of her behavior. I torture her in many ways, but mostly anally. I yank her orange inmate shorts down and begin to whip her ass, making it nice and red. I pumped her nips up making little drips of milk come out. Flipping her over with her nipples still expanding, I start working on her holes, mainly her big fucking asshole. I fist her way past wrist deep, double fist her, stuff huge toys inside and fuck her with a strap on. She was being quite the cooperative slut for me but I wasn't fully pleased yet. I continued to torture her butt hole by sucking out her rose with a cock pump. The enormous rose that bloomed out was definitely something I had to suck on myself. After all, I do give a little pleasure to her. I gave her a moments break to lick my asshole and pleasure me a little. I make her fist me and use her mouth to fuck me with a dildo. I had one more surprise for this slutty hooker; I had been collecting sperm from all the other male inmates and saved it for special occasions, such as this. I take the nasty cum and squeeze a huge load in her spread open ass. I then do the same for myself, since I want her to taste my ass juice mixed with cum. We both squeeze the inmate jizz out of our roses into a bowl, I mix it up, then smear her face and mouth with it. I think this might be the last time she ever thinks about escaping my wing of the jail again..





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