[Roxy Raye] Monster Pumped Squirting Cunt

Roxy Raye Monster Pumped Squirting Cunt
Added 01/06/2014
[Roxy Raye] Monster Pumped Squirting Cunt
Featuring: Roxy Raye
I was having a little relax time in the tub and got so fucking horny that I grabbed my pussy pump and started expanding my pussy to puffy dimensions from out of this world. I have never pumped my pussy so large in my life. It felt so amazing to have such a large sensitive cunt. I brought out a few more toys and squirted everywhere, over and over. I then flipped my myself up so I could squirt all over my own face and even in a little bowl to sip up later. My horny camera guy couldn't resist touching my swollen monster pussy. I wanted to lay back and let someone else make me squirt for a change. We put the camera on the tri-pod and he went to town fingering me over and over making me gush squirt juice everywhere. I think I squirted a gallon in this one! hehehe..



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