[HandsOnHardcore] Gals Greet The Winner!

HandsOnHardcore Gals Greet The Winner!
[HandsOnHardcore] Gals Greet The Winner!
Starring: Lucy Heart, Alysa
Everybody has their leisure-time interests. Take Mugur, for example; he loves to race his bike. He enters events all the time, and he regularly wins medals. And when he comes home to his girlfriend Alysa, complete with more medals around his neck, shes happy to see him--but she hasnt been idle while he was out riding. Shes been sitting around with her friend Lucy Heart talking about the new glass dildo Alysa bought, which she mistakenly left standing amid Mugurs racing trophies. Alysa is embarrassed by Lucys discovery of the sex toy, but not all that much...the girls are laughing about the dildo when Mugur comes home. Alysa greets him, and Lucy gets on his bike for fun, but then Lucy takes a spill and hurts her tushy. While Alysa goes to the bathroom to get a towel for her friend, Lucy does the unthinkable...she starts blowing her girlfriends guy, and taking his cock in her pussy! Alysa is upset when she returns, and the gals get into a catfight. Mugur waits patiently with his cock in hand, knowing the girls will soon calm down, start kissing each other, and then focusing all their attention on his penis. After all, winner take all! Enjoy the action in this hot threesome in photos and a stunning hardcore XXX video as the chicks pleasure his prick with their mouths, sucking his nuts and shaft, and then fucking themselves with the glass dildo. Ultimately Alysa takes Mugurs rod in her ass! If you like anal, you wont want to miss how Alysa gives incredibly gaping evidence of why SHE is Mugurs steady girlfriend in this story! But Alysa and Lucy alike share his mighty load at the end.

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