[Roxy Raye] Pretty Sloppy: Sandra & Roxy

Roxy Raye Pretty Sloppy: Sandra & Roxy
Added 03/07/2014
[Roxy Raye] Pretty Sloppy: Sandra & Roxy
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Sandra Romain
I promised I would put out all my videos I did in Europe previously as they slowly come out, so, here's another naughty video I did in Budapest. Goddess of kinky play, Sandra Romain comes in to dominate my slutty sloppy self. I'm making a mess all over myself with my pink lollipop dildo. I stroke the dildo all over my pussy and continually shove it down my throat making ropes and ropes of runny saliva to drip down my tits. Sandra sees me being slutty from a distance and comes in to take charge of me. She bends me over her lap, continually spanking my ass cheeks, face and pussy, making me squirm. She wants to see just how messy of a girl I will be for her. She wants me to give her as much messy spit that I can give to her, with me also slurping up every drop she has to offer me in return. I use my mouth to please her pussy and open her ass up with my tongue. We go back and forth coating each others holes with as much spit as we can make, even blowing the occasional bubbles of spit from our asses. Stay Tuned for part 2 (Due to how long this video was I decided to split it in two).




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