[Roxy Raye] Wilderness Fun

Roxy Raye Wilderness Fun
Added 04/20/2014
[Roxy Raye] Wilderness Fun
Featuring: Roxy Raye
I've been living a much healthier lifestyle as of late, so I decided to take my man and my new camera with me this time. I strapped the camera to his chest and we took a stroll through the park. I take my little spandex shorts off and walk around the trail half naked. Of course my slutty self has a bag of tricks, like always. I brought a new butt plug and a couple other toys along for my walk/ mini jog. I fuck myself with the toys right in the middle of the trail, hoping a bicyclist would ride by and see my big gaping ass. We walk a little further down the path and I pull my man's cock out and start sucking it right in broad daylight. I worked his dick and gave him quickie job. He made sure to plaster my face with cum. I wasn't ashamed of taking the trail back around with all the cum on my face, it felt so slutty to me. I had one last long toy I didn't get a chance to use, so on our way back I pulled it out and made sure to ram the 16 inches all the way in. I had a good couple of thrusts when I heard a car coming down the road. Turns out the car was the park ranger, so my half naked ass ran in the woods for a moment. I knew it was getting a little more risky so we wrapped it up for the day but before I left, I made sure to water the park a little with my sweet nectar. What do you think I should do next time... naked roller blading or naked biking? Hmm, I'll let you decide!





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