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ep40 2010-01-04 Fist Pumping That Pussy
Teena and Mia
[FistingInAction] ep40 2010-01-04 Fist Pumping That Pussy
Mia's about to get a taste of that Teena fisting treatment, and that means her pussy's gonna be just a wee bit sore after this hot fist-fuck session! In order to soften the blow a bit Mia decides she needs to do some solo pussy stretching before the blonde fist queen enters the room, but her solo show is still way more hardcore than most girls dare to go! Mia spreads herself wide open with a large black dildo and lets us view her pussy destruction and sweet ass. As soon as Teena enters the scene, however, she prepares herself for some serious fisting in several positions, be it legs over her head or her ass up high and getting fist fucked doggy style. Two hot lesbo blondes fisting can't be wrong!

ep39 2009-12-07 Nicole Wonder Fists EuroHottie
Nicole Wonder
[FistingInAction] ep39 2009-12-07 Nicole Wonder Fists EuroHottie
Nicole Wonder is back on Fisting In Action, and this time she's fisting an absolute hottie who has never felt the joy of a fist deep inside her pussy before. With Nicole's expertise she manages to squeeze her hand into that tight, wet hole, but it's safe to say that that pussy will never be quite the same again! Oh well, just the price you pay to get some of that hot, lesbian action featured on Fisting In Action!

ep38 2009-11-23 Blondes Really Do Have More Fisting Fun
Teena and Eliss Fire
[FistingInAction] ep38 2009-11-23 Blondes Really Do Have More Fisting Fun
Eliss Fire steps up to the fisting plate in this blonde-on-blonde fisting fun update from FistingInAction! Teena the pro is always happy to fill a new hole for a friend, and Eliss has been curious about this fisting thing for quite some time. She certainly came to the right place, as Teena has quickly earned her title as one of the net's leading fisters, and after Eliss shows off her sexy, young body for the camera for a while Teena wastes no time sliding her entire hand right into Eliss's smooth pussy! Eliss is in ecstasy at this point, making sure she gets a feel for the fist in multiple positions, but if she thought that was going to be it she's got another thing coming - a giant dildo that is!

ep37 2009-11-09 Deep Fisting Eurosluts
Teena and Maia
[FistingInAction] ep37 2009-11-09 Deep Fisting Eurosluts
Teena the fist fucker is back in action and has found herself a brand new victim! Beautiful Maia has decided to step up to the plate and try her luck with a fist shoved way inside her pussy, and this Euroslut definitely takes it deep! This lovely duo, consisting of a dark-skinned brunette and a total blondie, are out to show the world just how nasty they can get, and from the looks of it, considering Teena 's fist (and some) has completely disappeared inside her fist buddy, they have both made their points that they're not your average chicks! The look on Maia's face as she gets her pussy split open is absolutely priceless, but that's just the beginning - we haven't even busted out the infamous FIA dildo yet!! For fans of the harder side, fistinginaction is for you!!

ep36 2009-10-26 Alexa Boldly Goes Where No One Has Gone Before
Viki and Alexa Bold
[FistingInAction] ep36 2009-10-26 Alexa Boldly Goes Where No One Has Gone Before
When you're as absolutely stunning as Viki you've undoubtedly has plenty of cock and pussy action...basically anything she's ever wanted she's been able to get with a snap of her fingers. Dressed to impress and with that perfect body, damn, who could resist!? However, there is one area that Viki has neglected for far too long, one that none of her partners have been man enough to take on the task at hand - we speak of course, about FISTING! Luckily, Viki has found Alexa Bold, who's more than bold enough to lend a helping hand to stretch Viki's pussy further than it ever has been before in order to prepare it for an even bigger dildo. One finger, two fingers, three...this is some hardcore lesbian pussy stretching action left to a professional like Alexa Bold, and we're happy to say that beautiful Viki has passed her first Fisting In Action experience with flying colors!

ep35 2009-10-19 Katy Sweet Ain't So Sweet After All!
Teena and Katy Sweet
[FistingInAction] ep35 2009-10-19 Katy Sweet Ain't So Sweet After All!
Teena has found herself some blonde competition by the name of Katy Sweet, and this bombshell does indeed look mighty sweet with her beautiful smile and cute dress, but she can't keep up the facade for long and her true slutty blondness quickly comes out! Teena 's brought the tools, namely her fist and a huge dildo for the after party, and Katy's brought her lovely pussy, which is fiending for some fisting action! Teena 's reputation as a master fister has spread all over Europe thanks to her many fist abuse session as seen on FistingInAction, so Katy knows she's in safe hands (or...fists) as her pussy is stretched to it's limits. However, this is definitely not the end, because as Katy also discovered from FIA, Teena just loves to bust out her mega dildo and end the party right! For the best in fisting action, there's only one place to be - FistingInAction!!

ep34 2009-09-28 Victoria Rose Gets Her Petals Fisted
Victoria Rose and Monalee
[FistingInAction] ep34 2009-09-28 Victoria Rose Gets Her Petals Fisted
Victoria Rose is such a sweet little teenie chick that you just won't believe your eyes when her pussy gobbles down her friend Monalee's entire fist. This exotic looking chick even does it with a big smile on her face - something tells us this girl is down for some seriously kinky action, and by the time you reach the end of this clip where she's self-pounding her wet pussy to the limit with a dildo larger than the fist it just endured, you'll know it's true. Victoria and Monalee are the kind of chicks you could get nasty with and be buddies with, just two cool chicks always up for some excitement, and this week the house specialty is some high quality Fisting In Action!

ep33 2009-09-14 Don't Lose Your Bracelet In Her Pussy!
Teena and Monalee
[FistingInAction] ep33 2009-09-14 Don't Lose Your Bracelet In Her Pussy!
Fist Queen Teena and slutty Monalee may be good friends, but that doesn't mean Teena can resist the occasional torture of her friend's pussy! Okay, so in truth Monalee's pussy loves the attention, getting stretched to its limit first by a fist and then by an even larger, ribbed dildo that gets rammed into the tight hole over and over again - good thing Monalee's pussy is so damn wet or this would be some very unbearable business! Teena knows the fisting game extremely well by this point, after having satisfied so many young hotties, so we have no doubt that she can put on an entertaining show for both her victim pussy and her audience - we just hope she doesn't lose her gold bracelet down there in the pussy abyss!

ep32 2009-09-07 Scharlotte Peluchi Fisted In Her Coochie
Teena and Scharlotte Peluchi
[FistingInAction] ep32 2009-09-07 Scharlotte Peluchi Fisted In Her Coochie
Lady Teena has become something of a fisting queen these days, fist violating one slut after the other and loving every damn second of it! This update with Scharlotte Peluchi is no exception - our barely legal looking cutie is up for some hardcore exploration anyway she can get it, so she definitely made the right choice coming to the Fisting in Action office looking for some work. Well, we definitely put her furry pussy to work, first with one finger, then two, then three...after stretching cute little Scharlotte's vaginal canal farther than it's ever gone before it's time for the real deal, so Teena gives it her all and punches her new friend's hole until her fist is completely inside! This is where the going gets good, and Scharlotte realizes exactly what she's capable of and what really turns her on. Don't think this is the end, though, because Teena hasn't even busted out the FIA monster dildo yet, and let's jut say it makes her fist look like a walk in the park...

ep31 2009-08-24 Fist Service With A Smile
Angi and Melli
[FisingInAction] ep31 2009-08-24 Fist Service With A Smile
Angi and Melli are in high-heels and dolled up for what one would think is going to be a hot date on the town, but it turns out that these two freaks just like to impress themselves in the company of their own home while getting their fisting action on! One curvy, one spunky, both totally nasty fist lovers that take lesbian sex to the next level. A simple dildo ain't enough for these broads - they need to prove to themselves that they can gobble down an entire fucking fist, and from the looks of it, these fist-bangers have succeeded!

ep30 2009-08-17 Her Pussy Gobbled That Fist Down!
Angi and Paris Diamond
[FistingInAction] ep30 2009-08-17 Her Pussy Gobbled That Fist Down!
Angi and Paris Diamond are looking for some afternoon entertainment, and what better way to kill some time than to see just how far you can take your friend's fist up your cunt hole!? That's the logic here, anyway, and that's what we're going with and are more than happy to witness. This blonde chick has one tight, cleanly shaved pussy, and for whatever reasons she feels like giving it some brutal fist punishment! Turns out this petite hottie is pretty damn tough, though, because after getting herself ready for a moment she's able to gobble down the whole fist in multiple positions. Fisting fans look out, this is is some pussy destroying action that we know you love!

ep29 2009-07-20 Ass Fisted With a BIg Smile On Her Face!
Nicole Wonder and Winnie
[FistingInAction] ep29 2009-07-20 Ass Fisted With a BIg Smile On Her Face!
Nicole Wonder really lives up to her name in this Fisting In Action update, because holy shit can this girl take an entire fist up her ass - better than Wonder Woman herself could ever manage! No joke - this curvy, blonde hottie is an ass-stretching expert, just begging for her fuck-buddy Winnie to do her worst! She loves getting a fist deep in her pussy, but that's nothing compared to the pleasure of getting her Hershey Kiss stretched to insane widths by all five fingers and beyond! Like all great things in life, hard work is required, so before getting Winnie's fist jammed up there Nicole shows us some of her self-fisting skills, invading her own ass one finger at a time! And, of course, we bust out the monster dildo as we love to do at FIA, and Winnie takes the obscenely large rod deep inside her ass, all with an ear-to-ear smile on her face! Now this girl is a trooper!

ep28 2009-07-06 Justine and Her Fist Swallowing Pussy
Justine and Winnie
[FistingInAction] ep28 2009-07-06 Justine and Her Fist Swallowing Pussy
Curly-haired Justine is quite the cutie, but don't let her bright white smile fool you. This blondie is an absolute freak, and when she gets together with her satin loving friend Winnie, the fisting action is on! Being the freak that she is, Justine is past the 'beginning fistee' level, so she gladly swallows down Winnie's entire fist, still smiling and in ecstasy from every second of it! She loves having her pussy walls stretched as much as they can be, so much so that she still has the burning desire to fuck herself with her favorite mega-dildo, ribbed for her pussy pleasure and your viewing pleasure!

ep27 2009-06-29 Lea Magic Shows Us Her Fisting Trick
Lea Magic and Nikole Wonder
[FistingInAction] ep27 2009-06-29 Lea Magic Shows Us Her Fisting Trick
In this Fisting In Action update Lea Magic shows us one of her favorite tricks - watch a fist disappear up her pussy! That's right, it seems she and blond hottie Nikole Wonder are hard at work on their famous fisting act, and this duo knows how to work those pussy walls very well. Ms. Magic's got the whole look down, with big titties and a juicy-sweet ass that was built for the job - she's just the brunette cutie from next door who has a pussy and a dream, and with the help of Nikole and her monster dildo, she just might have a chance at fisting stardom! Get in and watch the entire jaw-dropping performance now!

ep26 2009-06-15 Two Blondes One Fist
Teena and Bianca
[FistingInAction] ep26 2009-06-15 Two Blondes One Fist
Teena the fist-master has decided to take on one of her own kind, a blonde bombshell with a tight little hole. In fact, sometimes Bianca thinks her pussy is a little too tight, because she hasn't had much experience at all, and considering how hot she is she's definitely going to be satisfying plenty of big cocks in her lifetime. So, she called up her buddy Teena , hoping she could help stretch her pussy walls a good bit - she figures with some regular gaping she can reach a comfortable level that'll allow her to take her sexual deviancy to the next level in her future endeavors. Teena was more than happy to oblige, and once they're up on her rooftop, her preferred fisting spot, Teena lets Bianca have it, with both her fist and a crazy big dildo doing the job nicely. Bianca is well on her way to achieving that perfect pussy gape she's after!

ep25 2009-06-01 Teena The Fisting Queen
Teena and Zuzana
[FistingInAction] ep25 2009-06-01 Teena The Fisting Queen
Teena the blonde is back in action, Fisting In Action, that is, and she has brought another victim, the lovely Zuzana, to her rooftop terrace for some pussy abuse! Teena's not a sadistic girl, not at all, she just gets off on gaping pussies and seeing the look on her girl's face when she's taking a behemoth dildo (or maybe battering ram would be a better term) deep in her pussy or an entire fist shoved into her vagina practically up to her cervix. There's also plenty of chance to see Zuzana's sweet little ass up close as her pussy is being stretched, so you get a full package of Zuzana perversion. Sound like your cup of tea? Then get into FistingInAction now for all the vaginal and anal fist pounding you can take!

ep24 2009-05-25 Redhead Feels The Wrath Of The Fist
Teena and Denisa
[FistingInAction] ep24 2009-05-25 Redhead Feels The Wrath Of The Fist
It's a beautiful, sunny day, so girlfriends Teena and Denisa are hanging out on the terrace of their building. As they're soaking in the sun and the view of the always lovely Prague, Denisa starts to get horny, having not had anything crammed into her pussy for at least a few hours. Well, Teena has certainly been in the same position so she can empathize, and what's even better, she can lend a hand! Redhead Denisa is so excited that Teena has agreed to help her out with her little problem, so she wastes no time hopping on a table and spreading her legs apart, ready to take whatever's coming. Now most people would start with a small dildo and work their way up to the fist, but these babes are pros, so there's no need for any of that amateur stuff. Nope, Teena busts out out a monster dildo that would scare most anyway away, but Denisa's a ride or die chick, letting the toy rip her pussy canal wide open before getting violated by Teena's forceful fist in multiple positions!

ep23 2009-05-11 Fist That Furry Muff!
[FistingInAction] ep23 2009-05-11 Fist That Furry Muff!
Teena and her kinky-ass lezzie partner were just sitting around one day when they said to themselves, why don't we try something new? Well that's what we like to hear at Fisting In Action, because in our world that means some deep fist penetration. Teena starts on herself, warming up her cum-hole in order to soften the blow when her friend commences to fist fuck her. Well, it's never enough, but Teena endures and takes the fist in multiple positions in order to see which works the best (all of them!), and what's really hot is watching her little asshole pucker up in fear as her pussy takes more than it ever has before! Of course Teena is going to return the favor, and for those of you who love natural, hairy pussies, than this scene is for you, because the wild, untamed hair looks so hot as it's forced around Teena's entire fist. Actually, who doesn't love gaping, hairy pussy!?

ep22 2009-04-27 Teena Fists Adiamo
Teena & Adiamo
[FistingInAction] ep22 2009-04-27 Teena Fists Adiamo
Two lovely blondes and one gaping cooter hole are what we're serving in this week's Fisting In Action update. This week it's Adiamo's turn to feel an entire hand push its way into her pussy, and while it's a bit of a struggle engaging in that much pussy stretching, she'll be the first to tell you she loved it, and who knows, maybe she'll venture on to even greater stretching after this hot fisting experience! Blondes do indeed like to have fun, and some of them go to great lengths to find that ultimate satisfaction!