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Episode: v16135 Teaching Cecilia Vega
Name: Cecilia Vega , Trisha
[TeachMeFisting] v16135 Teaching Cecilia Vega
Woohoo, now look how we spend our summer! First it's Metallica concert, getting all started - then we meet this horny French pornstar Cecilia Vega! Man, isn't she HOT? She came here for some sex shootings. But once she's been here she said she must visit the fisting teachers too, so she came to our class and learned about pussy stretching a bit. So who and how fisted her pussy to the maximum? Well, take a look and you'll see...!

Episode: v16134 Teaching Teera
Name: Gail, Teera
[TeachMeFisting] v16134 Teaching Teera
Teera is a naughty little girl she wants to know everyhing about her own pussy. So Gail inserts a speculum into her tight hole to make it ready for even more... Once Teera got accustomed to gaping, Gail inserts her full hand, wrist deep... Take a look!

Episode: v16133 Teaching Mercy
Name: Gail, Mercy
[TeachMeFisting] v16133 Teaching Mercy
Gail knows no mercy when it comes to fisting, she's our new fisting talent, I tell you. And today she's gonna try Mercy and probe her tight teen pussy with her full fist. So... check out what these two crazy girls do to each other on this pleasant afternoon - it'll worth it, believe me!

Episode: v16132 Teaching Dominique
Name: Aleksandra Black, Dominique
[TeachMeFisting] v16132 Teaching Dominique
Woohooo, take a look at this cute teen who just walked in our studio! She's taller than me, very slim (and you know what we think about slim girls in relation to pussy size?!)... So better check out if our thesis can be applied to her or not. First, let's warm up that pussy with a fucking machine, making it wet and ready for a full female fist!

Episode: v16131 Teaching Sindy Love
Name: Aleksandra Black, Sindy Love
[TeachMeFisting] v16131 Teaching Sindy Love
It took us quite a lot of time to get to Sindy Love. Actually, my friend Aleksander had an assistant called Tera Bond. Now, Sindy is the best friend of Tera... and when she heard that we're the unofficial fisting teachers of the whole eastern european region she immediately wanted to take our services and tr herself out in pussy stretching...!

Episode: v16130 Teaching Karmen
Name: Karmen, Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16130 Teaching Karmen
Guys, I have another new girl to end the week with. Let's meet Karmen, she's a hungry and horny Hungarian girl. And if you're ready to see her pussy stretched by our little Kissy, then I'm ready to call her in and let the fun begin :P Seeing the muscular walls of her shiny wet vagina expand will surely make your day sweeter!

Episode: v16129 Teaching Sinead
Name: Gail, Sinead
[TeachMeFisting] v16129 Teaching Sinead
Hahaha, I laughed so much when I heard what her stage name is... does it right a bell? Anyways, Sinead's not here to sing, but to get her tight little teen tushy stretched to the max! This time it's Gail who does the sweet job, after Sinead has excercised with our baseball bats...!

Episode: v16128 Teaching Kathalina
Name: Gail, Kathalina
[TeachMeFisting] v16128 Teaching Kathalina
Remember Kathalina? She was so skinny when she was on our site for the first time. But now I noticed she has nice round desirable booty - or is it just me? Anyways, we'll have a new fister today, Gail, and trust me, she did an excellent work! Bravo Gail!

Episode: v16126 Teaching Ginna
Name: Ginna Brigitta, Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16126 Teaching Ginna
So guys, what do you think about fresh girls who just entered the world of porn? I hope you too like them, just like us. This time it's Ginna Brigitta who's willing to enter as fisting virgin and leave stretched and satisfied! Allright, if this caught your interest, make sure you do check out these excellent pussy stretch pix and vids!

Episode: v16125 Teaching Kissy
Name: Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16125 Teaching Kissy
Allright, you already know that Kissy can fist, either herself or others. Now she ventured to try out a far different thing: namely, that how flexible her tight teen ass is! She started with my baseball bat, working all the way until she could finally insert her full fist into her bum! Bravo Kissy, we're proud of you!!

Episode: v16124 Teaching Gabriella
Name: Gabriella May, Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16124 Teaching Gabriella
Yet another new girl, it seems with the closeness of summer more and more daring and sexy girls appear... in front of our camera, too! So anyways, here she is, and our helper is little Kissy, I know how much you like her for her intense ways of fisting. Now, here's another great scene with these two hotties!

Episode: v16123 Teaching Belle
Name: Belle, Leanna Sweet
[TeachMeFisting] v16123 Teaching Belle
Belle seems to like oversized sex toys... well, she's at the right place, then! Take a look at how she handles that hand-sized piece of plastic and that how she takes three fists of different sizes: Leanna's, Bruno's and Zoli's...!

Episode: v16122 Teaching Jessica Jameson
Name: Jessica Jameson, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16122 Teaching Jessica Jameson
Jessica Jameson? I asked her why she chose this name and the girl said it'sa combination of Jessica Simpson and Jenna Jameson... well, you aren't shy at all, I wondered. But hey, let's take a look if this star-wannabe is good at fisting... that's the basics when entering the porn biz, am I right?

Episode: v16121 Teaching Larissa
Name: Larissa Dee, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16121 Teaching Larissa
Oh my god!!! That was my first thought when Larissa entered our office. I really like this big girl, yes, she's big indeed, way over 170 centimetres. With looooong sexy legs she's an absolute stunner, and I could get a crush on her anytime - in case she's fistable! Now let's see the vids to see whether I'll fall in love or not!

Episode: v16120 Teaching Jenny Noel
Name: Jenny Noel, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16120 Teaching Jenny Noel
You are already familiar with our theory about body size versus pussy size, namely, that small girls tend to have large pussies! Now here's one more chance to see if we're true or not. So let's see Jenny Noel and make your bets on how big and flexible her pussy would be!

Episode: v16119 Teaching Selena
Name: Leanna Sweet, Selena
[TeachMeFisting] v16119 Teaching Selena
Allright, with Selena it was rather a practice, since last time she visited us, we taught her really good how to use her fist deep down in her pussy. Now she's back, because practice makes the master, so they say...!

Episode: v16118 Teaching Tera
Name: Petra M., Tera Bond
[TeachMeFisting] v16118 Teaching  Tera
You've seen Tera Bond on our site already, but since she looks hotter than ever, we thought we'll invite her again... Yeah, because practice makes the master! And she's a grand master now, selecting her faves from our kinky gadgets and devices... Take a look and enjoy what you see!

Episode: v16117 Teaching Lara Maria
Name: Lara Maria, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16117 Teaching Lara Maria
Lara Maria is a new girl on the block, so to say, she just started her adult career. And better earlier than never, she wants to get a full stretch before entering the mainstream porn world. That's why we team up and give her something she won't forget: all the three of us fists her!

Episode: v16116 Teaching Suzi
Name: Petra M., Suzi
[TeachMeFisting] v16116 Teaching Suzi
Suzi is the girlfriend of one of my pals, and she's such a horny girl. She's been nagging me for months now, she wants to come over and check out a shooting of ours. Allright, I said to her, and after she saw what we do, well, next week she called me and said she too wants to try out herself in front of the camera. After a shoot with her boyfriend, she's back for a pussy stretching experience as well!

Episode: v16115 Teaching Gail
Name: Gail, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16115 Teaching Gail
A little bookworm bitch, that's what Gail looked like when she entered out studio, wearing her glasses. She's a fun girl and loves to learn, indeed - this time she ventures to try out fisting for the first time ever! So, accompany her during this stretch journey now...!