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Episode: v16119 Teaching Selena
Name: Leanna Sweet, Selena
[TeachMeFisting] v16119 Teaching Selena
Allright, with Selena it was rather a practice, since last time she visited us, we taught her really good how to use her fist deep down in her pussy. Now she's back, because practice makes the master, so they say...!

Episode: v16118 Teaching Tera
Name: Petra M., Tera Bond
[TeachMeFisting] v16118 Teaching  Tera
You've seen Tera Bond on our site already, but since she looks hotter than ever, we thought we'll invite her again... Yeah, because practice makes the master! And she's a grand master now, selecting her faves from our kinky gadgets and devices... Take a look and enjoy what you see!

Episode: v16117 Teaching Lara Maria
Name: Lara Maria, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16117 Teaching Lara Maria
Lara Maria is a new girl on the block, so to say, she just started her adult career. And better earlier than never, she wants to get a full stretch before entering the mainstream porn world. That's why we team up and give her something she won't forget: all the three of us fists her!

Episode: v16116 Teaching Suzi
Name: Petra M., Suzi
[TeachMeFisting] v16116 Teaching Suzi
Suzi is the girlfriend of one of my pals, and she's such a horny girl. She's been nagging me for months now, she wants to come over and check out a shooting of ours. Allright, I said to her, and after she saw what we do, well, next week she called me and said she too wants to try out herself in front of the camera. After a shoot with her boyfriend, she's back for a pussy stretching experience as well!

Episode: v16115 Teaching Gail
Name: Gail, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16115 Teaching Gail
A little bookworm bitch, that's what Gail looked like when she entered out studio, wearing her glasses. She's a fun girl and loves to learn, indeed - this time she ventures to try out fisting for the first time ever! So, accompany her during this stretch journey now...!

Episode: v16114 Teaching Pamela Ann
Name: Leanna Sweet, Pamela Ann
[TeachMeFisting] v16114 Teaching Pamela Ann
Okay, let's meet a Romanian hottie this time, her name is Pamela Lee, and she's a newcummer. This is her first ever work and I'm curious if she's already fistable. So let's take a look, first she tries it alone, then Leanna helps her and finall she'll be able to take a huge man-hand as well!

Episode: v16113 Teaching Maloo
Name: Leanna Sweet, Maloo
[TeachMeFisting] v16113 Teaching Maloo
Maloo is a cutiepie, and when I first saw her I know she's horny enough to venture for the craziest sex acts. She's done pee, old guys and now she's ready for a nice, thorough pussy stretching... if you too are ready for her scene, don't hesitate to click now and enjoy the pink walls of her pussy getting stretched!

Episode: v16112 Teaching Jackie
Name: Jackie Melon, Petra M.
[TeachMeFisting] v16112 Teaching  Jackie
I have a theory that petite slim girls usually have big pussies. Just remember Hope and her huge, fistable pussy...! Now you get the idea, huh? Time to see if this theory applies to Jackie Melon, a cute slim girl, too! Take a look!

Episode: v16111 Teaching Skyler
Name: Petra M., Skyler
[TeachMeFisting]  v16111 Teaching Skyler
Skyler is a lovely and lively teenager, barely legal, but so naughty! This time she visited our studio because she wants to become a good fisting student. So first, she tries to insert her own fist into that tight young pussy, but for the best result, our handy assistant, Petra helps her and fills her pussy completely!

Episode: v16110 Teaching Janny
Name: Janny, Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16110 Teaching  Janny
Janny is the cousin of Bonny Bon and I wonder if they genetically share the love for pussy stretching and kinky plays. This time it's no tiny female fists that plunge deep into her pussy, it was me who fisted her, with my big male fingers and fists, wrist deep into her pliant flesh. You couldn't imagine how good it felt feeling her from the inside, squeezing against my hand warmly!

Episode: v16109 Teaching Bonny Bon
Name: Bonny Bon, Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16109 Teaching Bonny Bon
Bonny visits our studio and I'm already curious to see how she can fist herself. No, not in the pussy this time, but in the ass!! Yes, I have already heard legends about her ass and it's high time for her to prove them. So let's get ready to rumble!!!

Episode: v16108 Teaching Lisa Sparkle
Name: Kissy, Lisa Sparkle
[TeachMeFisting] v16108 Teaching Lisa Sparkle
Remember Lisa? I watched her like three years ago inserting a baseball bat in her pussy, that was the time I decided I want to see more. Now I met her again, she's living in the same house like my friend Alexander and he managed to talk her into a new scene, because she retired from modelling a few years ago. Now she's back, just for us, for a hot fisting scene!

Episode: v16107 Teaching Andrea Black
Name: Andrea Black, Kissy
[TeachMeFisting] v16107 Teaching Andrea Black
Andrea Black is a not so young chick, who's really into this fitness thing, body building and training, so to say. But I wonder... how flexible is her pussy? Has she trained her pussy muscles as well? We have a nice device called fucking machine to test her pussy... and then Kissy comes into the picture, too!

Episode: v16106 Teaching Cameron
Name: Cameron Cruz, Leanna Sweet
[TeachMeFisting] v16106 Teaching Cameron
Teaching? You must be kidding! No teaching when it come to Cameron, she's just a horny mamma who enjoys fisting, let it be the receiver end or the assistant herself, she's just too horny to play with the baseball bat and to push her full fist deeper and deeper into her well-lubricated pussy. And that's exactly we love about our dear friend, Cameron!

Episode: v16105 Teaching Lara
Name: Lara Craft, Leanna Sweet
[TeachMeFisting] v16105 Teaching  Lara
Okay, I don't know what you think about Lara, but she's a true slut! She has such a dirty mouth she can't even say two whole sentences without the f-words. Yeah, whatever, what interests me more is her pussy, not her dirty mouth. And indeed, she has a really nice puss, pink, flexible, wet, ready for a good fisting!

Episode: v16104 Teaching Lee Lexxus
Name: Lee Lexxus
[TeachMeFisting] v16104 Teaching Lee Lexxus
Okay, we didn't have to teach Lee Lexxus really, because she was a good student last time, but when we heard she's back in town we immediately give her a call and asked if she wants to try out our superb fucking machines for a start... the naughty girl immediately said yes, so prepare for an extreme session!

Episode: v16103 Teaching Jasmyne
Name: Jasmyne, Leanna Sweet
[TeachMeFisting] v16103 Teaching Jasmyne
Jasmyne, this Romanian hottie has amazing huge booobs... but our question is... is her pussy similarly big? Leanna Sweet was sweet enough to lend a hand, I mean to lend a fist for our experiments with Jasmyne, so we finally had an insight - literally - on how big Jasmyne's pussy is!

Episode: v16102 Teaching Lepidoptera
Name: Leanna Sweet, Lepidoptera
[TeachMeFisting] v16102 Teaching Lepidoptera
Lepidoptera, a crazy-named girl (I'm not sure I can pronoune it at all, not to mention writing it down...) so this girl, she's awesome! She says she can squirt when having an orgasm - but there's one thing she hasn't tried out yet: and that's fisting. Yeah, right, so come on dude, let's teach her to open up her sweet pussylips!

Episode: v16101 Teaching Steliana
Name: Leanna Sweet, Steliana
[TeachMeFisting] v16101 Teaching Steliana
It seems we're flooded with Romanian girls this time, first it was Jasmyne, now it's Steliana and we have more to come! So, now let's focus on Steliana, this 22-year-old honey. She's a friend of Jasmyne and she was there when Jasmyne was fisted for the first time of her life. Once her girlfriend did it, Steliana insisted on trying it out as well!

Episode: v16100 Teaching Sabreena
Name: Petra M., Sabreena
[TeachMeFisting] v16100 Teaching Sabreena
Sabreena is a cheeky little girl and she's ready to experiment... with her own pussy! First she grabs the baseball bat to work on her sweetest spot and when she feels she's open enough, she calls our assistant Petra who'll insert a full fist into Sabreena 's tight teen pussy! Take a look!