Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72221 Anal teen angel Vanessa Vaughn
Release date: 2012.10.08
[AnalTeenAngels] v72221 Anal teen angel Vanessa Vaughn
Starring: Vanessa Vaughn
A look into Vanessas eyes, and every man on the planet would be willing to fuck that hot mouth of hers. But of course, guys being guys, we wouldnt stop at the mouth, would we? We want that tight little body all to ourselves, to put our cocks into her teen pussy (hot, juicy and tight) and ass (even hotter, even tighter). Our boy Dima has the same way of thinking little Vanessa will be satisfied!

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72213 Anal teen angel Kira Doll
Release date: 2012.08.06
[AnalTeenAngels] v72213 Anal teen angel Kira Doll
Starring: Kira Doll
Kira Doll is a crafty little witch! She seduces Dima away from his book, and in the very next moment the boy gets bombed with another little surprise when he notices that the girl wears an anal plug. Toy follows toy and the man gets into Kira's sweet web more and more, totally turning into the slave of the brunette babes sweet, tight rectum.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72200 Anal teen angel Christi Cats
Release date: 2012.04.29
[AnalTeenAngels] v72200 Anal teen angel Christi Cats
Starring: Christi Cats
Incredible newbie teen Christi Cats is very sexy in her sheer knee-high nylon socks here, but it isn't long before she's sucking on something big, in the shape of Dima's cock! After a lot of humping and blowing, she gets a her sweet tight asshole opened and her smiling face creamed!

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72194 Anal teen angel Gracie
Release date: 2012.03.18
[AnalTeenAngels] v72194 Anal teen angel Gracie
Starring: Gracie, Dima
Gracie is so adorable and cute. It is tempting to hug her silky body all day long and occasionally fuck her tight little pussy and smooth, round bum. Dima cannot even resist the urge to strip the sexy teen and give her what she deserves until the cute girl shakes and trembles with the countless orgasms.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72193 Anal teen angel Yiki
Release date: 2012.03.11
[AnalTeenAngels] v72193 Anal teen angel Yiki
Starring: Yiki, Dima
Anal Teenager Yiki has a very popular little ass. All the guys want to try the skinny Asian beauty on their cock, but Yiki chooses her company well. Today she have a great time with Dima, and the girl takes a great pleasure to feel that tight back entrance teased by a meaty, young cock.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72187 Anal teen angel Yiki
Release date: 2012.02.05
[AnalTeenAngels] v72187 Anal teen angel Yiki
Starring: Yiki, Dima
Little Yiki doesnt waste time when she has the mood for something, and now she craves for Dimas cock. So she walks in, sexy as always, putting aside the boys book and her slender fingers instantly curl around Dimas jeans clad manhood. Of course it puts the man on the hook right away, and from this point forward Yiki shows the way and this way leads into her hungry, tight asshole.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72173 Anal teen angel Dezy
Release date: 2011.10.16
[AnalTeenAngels] v72173 Anal teen angel Dezy
Starring: Dezy, Dima
Dezy is cute, with our without makeup, and why she is busy painting her young face, Dima wathces her. The longer he watch, the more aroused he will be and she reach a point when he cannot hold himself back any longer and make his move. Dezy is happy for the gentle care and the two fucks through the whole day.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72171 Anal teen angel Malia
Release date: 2011.10.02
[AnalTeenAngels] v72171 Anal teen angel Malia
Starring: Malia, Dima
Dima knows how to get into a girl's panties. First a gentle massage, a few tender compliments. Then the hands wander deeper, to the round curve of the ass and when the girl turned on enough, it is anything goes. Beautiful young Malia is a good partner, she holds no limit when her lust drives her, and she really loves when Dima's big cock slides into her tight asshole.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72170 Anal teen angel Lizzie
Release date: 2011.09.25
[AnalTeenAngels] v72170 Anal teen angel Lizzie
Starring: Lizzie, Dima
Lizzie entertains herself with texting to her friends, while Dima reads his magazine. But after a time Lizzie get bored and wonders how to get the boy's attention. She tries a neat trick, dropping her clothes and continue to text that way. The bait works like a charm, and soon the lazy afternoon turns into a fantastic ass fucking session.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72162 Anal teen angel Candy Alexa
Release date: 2011.07.31
[AnalTeenAngels] v72162 Anal teen angel Candy Alexa
Starring: Candy Alexa, Dima
Dima is the 'el mariachi' in the turf, seducing all the neighborhood girls to his bed with his talent, just to prove that he has other type of skills. Today she drags the romantic teen, Candy Alexa into his bed, but he finds out pretty soon that the busty girl is not so shy as it seems. Dima bangs the babe in her ass and fuck her big, natural tits, adding one more to his trophy collection.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72160 Anal teen angel Felony
Release date: 2011.07.17
[AnalTeenAngels] v72160 Anal teen angel Felony
Starring: Felony, Dima
Felony wakes from her afternoon nap when she gets a text message. Dima sent a message, offering to come over and entertain the girl. Felony knows how good Dima is when it comes to 'entertaining', so she eagerly agrees. When the boy arrives, they don't waste time with chit-chatting, they instantly get down to business. Apparently Felony is happy with the afternoon program.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72159 Anal teen angel Megan
Release date: 2011.07.10
[AnalTeenAngels] v72159 Anal teen angel Megan
Starring: Megan, Dima
Dima, Megan's boyfriend decides to make some photos about her sexy girl. Megan loves to pose, but the less the attire becomes, the hotter the mood gets. Soon they put aside the camera and goes for another type of activity. Megan gets banged from all side by Dimu's nice, thick cock, until her pussy floods with juices, her asshole gapes and her face is covered by Dimu's cum.

Episode: AnalTeenAngels v72155 Anal teen angel Katey
Release date: 2011.06.05
[AnalTeenAngels] v72155 Anal teen angel Katey
Starring: Katey, Dima
Dima's been wanting to get inside Katy's tight little ass for a while now and since she finally got rid of her loser boyfriend he jumped at the chance to come over and chill at Katy's. But this isn't the tame kind of getting to know you stuff - these horny teens are way past that and they are sure going to jump right in and start pumping away like they have been fantasizing all day...

Episode: ButtPlays v600008 Wear stockings, get fucked up the butt!
Release date: 2012.09.20
[ButtPlays] v600008 Wear stockings, get fucked up the butt!
Starring: Prensley, Dima
Dima cant control himself when it comes to Prensley. Lets be honest: could *you*? This skinny brunette has the kind of sex appeal that melts steel and makes cocks stand in attention. Her stocking clad legs are perfection in themselves, no wonder Dima just loves sucking on her beautiful toes. And he HAS to try that pussy as well, of course. AND HER BUTT! Suffice to say, he fucks her mercilessly in every hole.

Episode: ButtPlays v600006 Ride the blonde bitch!
Release date: 2012.09.06
[ButtPlays] v600006 Ride the blonde bitch!
Starring: Eugenia, Dima
Dima knows how to make a slender bitch like Eugenia come thats why while riding her like a good little pony, he pulls on her beautiful blonde mane. This girls pussy is awesome, but Dima is mainly interested in her perfect ass, and he fucks that plum butt with his enormous dick good and proper. As his reward, he gets to blow his load into her asshole the perfect ending, in more ways than one.