Episode: AssholeFever v8546 Anal Vibe
Release date: 2014.08.30
[AssholeFever] v8546 Anal Vibe
Starring: Leyla Peachbloom
Lutro drills Leyla's otherwise tight butt with his cock and he loves it... actually they both love it. Maybe it was their first time together, but one couldn't tell. They fit so naturally, feeling each other, tuned on every little vibes of their partner and reaching to a mind-blowing orgasm together.


Episode: DpFanatics v6150 Pool service
Release date: 2008.06.26
[DpFanatics] v6150 Pool service
Starring: Naomy.
What's wrong with this fuckin' pool again? I need to call the pool service guys... they did a really good job last time. They not only fixed the problem but fucked my pussy and ass for good... Oh I think I better call them right now, I'm feeling horny already!

Roxy Raye Breaking in the New Girl
Added 03/22/2012
[Roxy Raye] Breaking in the New Girl
Featuring: Roxy Raye, Tierra Ferrari
I recently went to a night club and met a new friendly face, Tierra. We had a few drinks and chatted about both being in the industry and how rare it was to meet people in Florida that have a naughty lifestyle like we both do. We hit it off pretty well and decided to meet up again but for a little fun time in front of the camera. We ended up getting a hotel and getting naughty a few times that night. I was eager to play with her ass as it was the first time she had ever had anything in there on camera before. She loved the new feeling I was giving her and wanted more. I stuffed her with my tongue, dildos and my fingers. I stroked the dildo in her ass and rubbed her clit until she had a hard orgasm for me. It was then my turn and we wasted no time loosening my holes up. She fists both of my holes and finishes me off with an ass punching in the pile driver position, now that was an intense orgasm!

Roxy Raye Stretching My Holes
Added 02/16/2012
[Roxy Raye] Stretching My Holes
Featuring: Roxy Raye
Going solo this week, just me and some large toys in my holes. I used a good variety, small to large, and even used all of my holes. Nothing like the feeling of being filled from all sides. Keep the requests and emails coming... I love to hear from you guys!

RoxyRaye My Poor Pussy Gets Pumped & Pounded
Added 08/18/2011
[RoxyRaye] My Poor Pussy Gets Pumped & Pounded
Starring: Roxy Raye
By now, you guys should know how much I love the feeling of having my body pumped up and swollen. I wanted to see how swollen it would get if I left it on a really long time. After about 30 minutes or so, I took it off on camera and was so amazed at how enormous and hard my whole pussy was. I couldn't stop touching myself. I was super sensitive and wanted to fuck it with some big toys to see what would happen. It was no surprise that the big black cock made my pussy squirt all over the bed. I fucked myself a couple more times with other toys, more of which made me squirt again. Towards the end of my naughty playtime, I shoved some whipped cream up my pussy and fucked it out of me, cumming hard one last time.

RoxyRaye Roxy Gets Dominated
Added 06/23/2011
[RoxyRaye] Roxy Gets Dominated
Starring: Roxy Raye
Some of you know I've been wanting to start playing around in the BDSM world for a change. I have had many fantasies about a woman dominating me in different scenarios. I got to finally get the chance to be an older woman's toy when I met a women named Mistress Raven. I was told how she loves dominating younger women, treating them like her little pets. I knew I wanted to be dominated by her the minute I heard this. My punishment from her included me getting my ass stretched out, fist fucked deep and spanked hard. I loved getting my ass abused by her. I loved feeling owned and completely submissive. I think I will be getting dominated again very soon.. ;-)

RoxyRaye No Holes Barred
Added 12/16/2010
[RoxyRaye] No Holes Barred
Starring: Roxy Raye
Welcome to another week inside my asshole. :-) Actually, this week I worked on both of my holes for quite some time. Heck, I even did both holes at the same time with two big toys for a while. I love that full feeling I get when I'm stuffed from both sides at once......

Episode 0088 Antonia
Date added: 08 August 2010
[FirstAnalQuest] Episode 0088 Antonia
Featuring: Antonia
You might get a feeling that youve already seen this seductive teen babe somewhere and youd probably be right. She might be a girl from your college, school or neighborhood, but our members had a chance to see her on doubleviewcasting.com where she performed so well and gave up her fucking holes to throbbing cock eagerly and properly. We all fell in love with her sweet round booty and the way she bounces it on huge balls, so we were craving to have her back as soon as possible. When we called her, she accepted our offer with a great pleasure and told that she enjoyed taking our fuckers huge dong in her nice pussy and looking forward to fit it in her yummy ass hole. On the shooting day she looked incredibly sexy and super horny. She started with amazing oral servitude and then put forward her stunning ass. Her elastic bottom hole got stretched to the limit. She was fucking like a nasty anal whore and got her ass hole creampied with a huge load.

Episode: v16222 Fun with Elizabeth and Kissy
Release date: 19.02.2010
Starring: Elizabeth, Kissy
[TeachMefisting] v16222 Fun with Elizabeth and Kissy
Elizabeth is known to be a good, shy girl in glasses. But she has a new friend who has proven to be a bad influence. Kissy has taught Elizabeth some of the secrets of pleasure and has opened her up to the orgasmic goodness of fisting. Now she can't think of anything else but feeling her fist going into Kissy's wet pussy, or feeling the stretch of her own as Kissy's hand goes in and out.

Episode: TeachMeFisting v16002 Teaching Jane
Name: Jane
[TeachMeFisting] v16002 Teaching Jane
Ay, ay, ay, Jane is looking for her fisting Tarzan, and she will find him soon! I’ll be her Tarzan and as I put on my rubber gloves the fun could start! She starts with some pussy fingering but we feel it’s really slim for a fisting experience. So Alexander and I encourage her to use even more fingers until her whole hand slowly slides into her red-hot, fiery hole. Feeling comfy, honey? Make room for Tarzan as well! It seems she could handle my size of hand as well, she happily bends forward to receive my fist from every angle. Now, that’s the kind of girl a fisting Tarzan would immediately get for himself!