Roxy Raye Oiled Up & Fist Fucked
Added 05/03/2012
[Roxy Raye] Oiled Up & Fist Fucked (Amazing Anal Prolapse Toying)
Featuring: Roxy Raye
Most people know by now that I like to get really nasty and really messy. It was about time for one of those videos, so I drenched my naked body with oil, filling my ass with oil as well. I then brought my black and white fist shaped toys out and loosened up my holes all slutty. The toys sure felt nice but I wanted to feel a real flesh fist. I was so fucking horny I flipped on my back and spread my legs back, presenting my ass and pussy for a huge man fist to come feel me. He first started on my pussy, stretching and opening up my hole nice and big. No time wasted moving right to my ass as it got a nice punishment of hard fist punching. I don't think I've ever been fisted in my ass that hard and with such a big fist too! It was a very satisfying experience for me. There's nothing quite like getting yourself all silky wet and messy, then getting ass punched :-)

LatexAngel Messy Kitchen
[LatexAngel] Messy Kitchen
This time in the kitchen i play with big kitchen utensils. I also use alot of cream to fill up my cunt. Kinky housework.

RoxyRaye Packing Fudge
Added 02/10/2011
[RoxyRaye] Packing Fudge
Starring: Roxy Raye
Catchy title, huh? Well, it couldn't be closer to the truth as I fuck a few fudgesicles in this week's messy update. This is especially for all of you guys that have requested more messy food updates... it doesn't get much messier than this!

RoxyRaye A Tub Made for Two
Added 12/09/2010
[RoxyRaye] A Tub Made for Two
This update is from the very first video I ever made, when Alysha and I got together to film some hot scenes for my first DVD. This was the last scene from that video, where Alysha and I joined each other in the tub to get all messy before we cleaned up......
Starring: Roxy Raye, Alysha

Rocco's X-Treme Gapes 2 (2012) [Split Scenes Full HD]
Rocco's X-Treme Gapes 2 (2012) [Split Scenes]
Title: Rocco's X-Treme Gapes 2

Director: Rocco Siffredi
Release Date: 2012-02-01
Featuring: Isabella Clark , Megan , Rocco Siffredi , Sasha Rose, Mike Chapman, Helen , Eliza
Summary: A legendary, big-dicked sex pervert and groundbreaking porn director, Rocco Siffredi is crazy about gaping female assholes. "Rocco's X-Treme Gapes 2" contains three epic scenes starring adventurous Euro-cuties with sphincters flexible enough to open like massive portholes! First, lovely brown-haired model Megan kneels to suck Rocco's enormous pole while rectal acrobat Isabella Clark uses a gigantic rubber cone to train her amazing bunghole. Rocco and Megan ream Isabella's ass with a string of huge anal beads, then fill her cavernous colon with several dildos at once! Upon spurting a hot load into Megan's mouth, Rocco has the ladies kiss. Next, adorable, young Sasha Rose intervenes in an argument between Rocco and his friend Mike Chapman. They agree to double-penetrate Sasha, simultaneously stuffingher rectum and cunt with thick prick. The hardworking babe even goesdouble anal, with both cocks stretching her asshole at once! For the climax, Sasha dons oversized reading glasses and takes two messy cum facials. Lastly, eager-to-please Eliza is a sweet student posing for Rocco in his apartment. She gags as he harshly fucks her face, coating it with slobber, then bends over to be rudely sodomized. Eliza's anus dilates in time for the arrival of her classmate, Helen. Following an intense session of nasty anal expansion, ass-to-mouth perversion and lewd girl-girl rimjobs, Rocco sprays semen all over Eliza's bare foot... and makes Helen suck her toes clean. No ass gapes too extremely for the Italian madman!